Ashfall, Ashen Winter, and Oral Surgery

I'm off to the oral surgeon today. One of my molars has been missing for six years, but until I got my first royalty check in February, I had lacked the funds to replace it. I'm told they're going to drill a hole in my bone and jam a titanium screw into the hole. I can't say I'm looking forward to that, but it'll be nice to have all my teeth again. Maybe I'll have Alex and Darla engraved on it, like this guy did:

Or maybe an ASHFALL cover would look better? I could put my two two books side-by-side like this on the new tooth and the one next to it:

I got this lovely screen printed cake at Appoquinimink High School, and if they can screen print cakes, why not teeth, right?

 On second thought, maybe I'll just settle for naming my new tooth. It'll be named ASHFALL, of course.
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Tez Miller said...

Titanium screw - will you have trouble getting past metal detectors? ;-)

Mike Mullin said...

I hope not! I didn't think to ask that question. It looks HUGE on the x-ray, too. I also didn't realize they were going to beat on my jaw with a hammer and chisel set. Ow!

Lissa Price said...

I am totally jealous! No school made a cake like that for STARTERS! (but I'm happy you got one, really I am)

Mike Mullin said...

You need to visit Appoquinimink High School in Delaware! They're awesome!

Helen Harill said...

Egads...I'm not even going to ask if the whole banging on your jaw hurt because I'm pretty stinking sure I know the answer to that question. However, since one of those lovely 'implants' is in my future I'm thinking that knocking me slap out before hand is sounding better and better.

New to the blog. I like it. funny how things will draw someone out of hiding. It would, of course, have to be a trip to a dentist.

Hope you're all better by now

Jake Alexander said...

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