Living my post-apocalyptic nightmare

Surprisingly often, the subject comes up of what I'd miss most if I were living in a post-apocalyptic world. I tend to answer "hot showers" (which is why I totally get why that girl in DOLLHOUSE let her guard down when she discovered the working showers and got capped).

I flew into NYC on Saturday and checked into my pricey hotel (all decent NYC hotels are pricey, this is not me bragging about staying in a suite at the Four Seasons or anything).  And what do I discover? NO HOT WATER.  This lamentable situation continued for another 48 hours, and I got a taste of my post-apocalyptic nightmare.

My husband and I had to find creative ways to get clean.  His involved going to yoga classes and using their shower. Mine involved wet wipes and getting a wash and dry at a nearby salon (and yes, I realize that these would probably not be options in an actual post-apocalyptic situation).

Fortunately, the hotel was apologetic about the lack of hot water and comped us two nights - making this one of our cheapest NYC stays ever.  And the hot water came back just in time for me to have one scalding shower before we continued on in our travels.

What would you miss most in a post-apocalyptic world?


RK Charron said...

That's a NYC adventure!
I'd miss electricity most!

All the best,
RK Charron

Suzan said...

Working toilets and cream in my coffee! :-)

Jessi said...

Toilet paper's one of the comforts I'd miss. My family has been without power before and it's possible to make a toilet work by dumping water in the back manually. Of course, internet and electricity would also be missed.
On the more obvious side, no access to medicine, no infrastructure, and no food being hauled into cities, mainly because those could cause looting, disease, and killing.
Oh, and Suzan, my family has milk cows so we'd have cream but you wouldn't be able to get coffee since I don't believe it can be easily grown in northern climates.

Suzan said...

True, but that's what my stockpile of instant espresso is for! LOL.