A Very Hunger Games Tribute

It's here at last. The Hunger Games hit theatres all over last night. I'll be heading out to watch it at the swanky theatre downtown with my husband tonight. When are you going?

 Do you know what my favorite thing about book to move adaptations are? You don't have to worry about spoilers, but also you're already familiar with the world, so you can plan awesome parties around the premier. Here are some of my favorite Hunger Games themed ideas from around the web. Stamped

Sugar Cookies from FictionalFood.net

What says Hunger Games (or Team Peeta) better than some themed sugar cookies?

Want to host an impromptu pre-viewing party?  Check out this free downloadable invite:

Make sure you have book appropriate food and drink like Confessions of a Cookbook Queen (hint: she's using those printables!):

She has totally delicious looking recipes for this and several other desserts from the book.  Yum!  

My favorite quick Hunger Games treat is a cup of cocoa and warm, crusty bread.  Good thing my husband is a baker (and blonde and sensitive...hmm, wonder what team I am?)

So doing anything special to celebrate the games?  Share with us below.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

I plan to watch it over the weekend. Book to Movie adaptations are great when done properly.

jazmin said...

omg totally read all three books and already watch the hunger games movie today amazing i totally love it i totally want to buy it when it comes out in dvd love the hunger games made the odds be ever in your favor<3 love effie and haymitch lol of course katniss:p