The Good News Post!

Lots of good things are happening for the League Members, and we're here to shout about it :)

First, I want to shine the spotlight on Mike Mullin, who is working on a charity auction that will help books with ethnic characters reach the kids that need to read about them:

You can find out more information HERE, along with a chance to be the first reader of the sequel to ASHFALL!

VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocacy) has featured two League members recently! Angie Smibert's MEMENTO NORA is discussed in an article on "When Technology Goes Wrong" by Karin Perry in which Perry collects titles of books that explore the theme, "Just because we can do something, does it mean we should?" (pages 16-17, available online here)

And VOYA also featured our own Jeff Hirsch in an article entitled "Tough Guys of Science Fiction Fantasy." Jeff's work, THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE, is featured alongside Orson Scott Card, Cory Doctorow, and Paolo Bacigalupi, and is called a "book in which boys beat the odds." (pages 46-47, available online here)

Finally, Lissa Price is gearing up for the launch of her debut, STARTERS! She was recently featured in the LA Times as part of their Spring Preview of Books: "For the next, best entry into the crowded future-dystopia teen novel genre, look for "Starters" by Lissa Price next week." Read the full article HERE. And make sure to pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly for a lovely ad about STARTERS!

That's our round up of good news! What good news do YOU have to share?

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B.E. Sanderson said...

Congratulations to all the League members for their accomplishments. The only good news here is that I inhaled A Million Suns. It was wicked awesome, Beth. The only bad part is having to wait almost a year for the next book. =o)