First Tour of Duty

Random House sent me on the most amazing tour, including fabulous restaurants for publishers dinners, top hotels, school visits, book signings. I just got back an hour ago. Here are pictures of Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago. This is a dream bookstore, with smart staff and a wonderful selection of books.

And this is my last hotel - great room service.

I will have big movie news later. We are releasing the rights on Monday and we have a lot of top producers. Someone special is interested, just got the email as I landed. Can't talk about it yet, but I am so excited about this.

Will be seeing Hunger Games tomorrow and my trailer before the movie! I cannot believe it.

I will give away one new hardback book of STARTERS here. Put your best argument why you should win in the comments and I'll pick one winner - international okay.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lissa, I don't have an argument for why I should win, but I did get ultra excited for you while reading this post. Congrats to you. It sounds like STARTERS is the start of something really BIG. Best to you. :)

Lexie said...

I should win because . . . well, because I am pretty positive that I will adore it and treasure it and then try and convert all my friends because "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND GUYS IT'S JUST REALLY AMAZING."

I was actually at Barnes & Noble the other day. My sister and mother had decided to go shopping, so I hung out at the bookstore while they went shopping. STARTERS was in the very front, on the "Teen Bestsellers" shelf. I made this very attractive squealing sound and hopped around a bit with the book in my arms (the greatest thing is, bookstore people? not judgmental). When my mum came to pick me up again, I showed her the book. The cover. The description. Explained that EVERY FRIEND OF MINE had loved it, so clearly I would too, and clearly I needed it this very instant.

She, unfortunately, did not understand. There is nothing more depressing than leaving a bookstore empty-handed.

However, if I received a copy, I'd be able to stare at it, squee about it, share it with my friends, and do that slightly important thing called reading it. :D

Charmaine Clancy said...

I added STARTERS to my Pinterest board for best book covers the other day - very striking!
Wagging Tales

Natalie Aguirre said...

It sounds awesome. I've heard great things about that bookstore. So excited about your movie rights.

I won an ARC of Starters and am reading it now. It's awesome. So it's okay if you give the book to someone to spread the word. And I'm planning to give away the ARC for a giveaway at Literary Rambles.

Riv Re said...

I should win cuz I'm frawesome. ;) :P
That's a really comfy looking bed. And I love the bookstore "author signing" sign!
Congrats on a movie deal. Looking forward to the news. Enjoy The Hunger Games! I'll be sitting here, studying for uber-sized tests, jealously looking at blog posts of people all decked out in Tribute clothes...
But you have fun. I'll be okay.


Gigi said...

I've read tons of awesome reviews about Starters, plus COVER LOVEE! I should win because I feel in love with this book the first time I saw it! I'm an international fan, and we don't have the chance to meet any author, we can only meet them by photo or video chat and for us is a pretty HUGE thing having something signed or sent for them! So it's pretty cool! Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Starters is an amazing book! Starters is the first book that I don't mind reading at computer and I even finish it in two days! I hope there will be a sequel but I think there'll be one because the story can't just hang like that right? I would love to have this book on my library collection. This book is not at my local bookstore yet so I hope I will win this book so I can get it before everyone else. Such a show-off I am. XD

jazmin said...

omg i am soo not good at argueing but i have to say congrats for the movie deal omg i cant believe time is going by soo fast soo sad the series ends on the second book but i should totally win because i love this book and i heard alot of good reviews on it and i try to convince my parents to bring me in the bookstore to see it for myself just soo sad that they always keep on saying that i am just too obessed reading books i just love the adventure and thrill get soo excited when i am in a book store too bad i just low on money but by the way thanks for sharing a great story :)

blanshire said...

I would love to win Starters, because I've been so anticipating it!Because of its unique synopsis, it had grabbed my attention immediately. I was really surprised when I saw it at my local bookstore here in the Philippines, and it was released ahead of time. I grinned, big time, and, was very pleased to see it.
Sadly I still haven't come across of its hardback version, only the paperback. I would love to read your book in hardbound thou.
Not ashamed to say that I've been getting my books recently from giveaways, because of my lack of financials. I meant to say if a person loves to read, why held back because of the lack of money, when you can read in some alternative ways.
Libraries here in the Philippines, contains old books, I'm pretty sure it would take me ten years or more before I could find a copy of your book at the library. xD

Diana said...

Because I LOVE books! Especially YA fiction. And Starters looks like a real thrill ride. But I'm sure tons of other people can say the same thing. I'd simply love to win!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Because I'm an aspiring author as well. I plan to start shopping around my Novel Circa (about a teen turned computer program then back into a teen again due to another girl's attempted suicide) in 2013. I also love the premise of starters and have been hoping to get a copy but unable to spare the money due to personal expenses. *sigh*

Greetings from Jamaica and here's links to info on Circa.

Celine said...

Hi Lissa! That is so awesome! I think everyone who commented here deserves to win and deserves the chance to win which is why I can't think of a reason why I myself should win! :) We all love or want to read your book, we all love the cover and we just love it!

Thank you so much for the giveaway! :)

Rebecca said...

To be completely honest I wasn't that interested in this book at first (shush Rebecca, you don't have a chance of winning like that!). But then the amazing reviews started coming in from around the blogosphere and I started to get really interested and the blurb which has left me needing more. The concept sounds oh so intriguing and really different to books out there at the moment. It's not the type of book I'd normally pick up, but boy am I eager. It sounds amazing, it's definitely perked my interest!

Why should I win? Well since I'm a blogger, I'll review the book and help spread the word! Also, so glad your touring it looks like such fun, but I live in Australia and doubt you'll be touring down under anytime soon. If I don't get too attached to your masterpiece I might even give it to someone else so they can experience it too! And finally, I LOVE helping debut authors get there book out into the world!

trayche said...
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trayche said...
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trayche said...

I think this giveaway is awsome chance for the out-of-usa people to read a wonderful book like people say STARTERS is. I'm from Macedonia, and there is no chance I can buy and read this book expect if i win on some giveaway. so this is pretty much it. Thank you a lot. I apreciate the bloggers that make giveaways international, because the USA people can buy almost everything, every book they want, and here, we can't.i was reading all the comments from this post and almost every of them said that can buy the book, or saw it in book shop etc.well i can't even if i wanted to. so thanks again.

Unknown said...

I'm no poet, but at least I tried! ;)

To Lissa~~

Hey guys, I was asked today
why I'd like to win a book?
I'll give you a short dossier -
spare a minute, take a look!

First of all, and I am serious
dystopias are like air to me!
Eat with me if you are curious
come for breakfast - you will see!

Starters cover is just gorgeous
even though it gives me creeps;
Oh, I really want to purchase...
Even if for the girl's cheeks!

A good story is a given,
I've seen many rave reviews
Surely it is action-driven -
one more reason, no excuse!

On this planet I seem lonely,
sitting in the darkest nook...
I don't want to be the only
one who hasn't read this book!

Agnieszka @ Nook of Books
nashthewitch at gmail dot com

Jasmine Rose said...

I should win because I'm awesome.
Hah, just kidding :P
I should win because I'm so so so sad I didn't get to see you when you were in Seattle and winning your book would ease the pain slightly.

Lissa Price said...

Starters is being published in some 21 countries. Can you not order it mail order if you live in another country? I know of someone who ordered it via one of the Amazon sites (like to deliver in another country.

Sara said...

I'm so sad that I didn't get to see the trailer for STARTERS in my theater. :( BUT I did see a gorgeous hc of STARTERS at the bookstore I stopped in tonight!

So... I should win because I missed out on seeing the trailer on the big screen & having a hc would be a wonderful consolation prize. ;)


Unknown said...


AHH!! I'm so excited to hear about a Starters movie possibility! I can't wait to hear more about it when you are allowed to tell us!

I would absolutely love you forever if you chose to send me a copy of Starters. I'm a dystopian addict who has yet to meet a dystopian I don't like. I, sadly, have not had the opportunity to read Starters yet, and I've only allowed myself to look at the numeric ratings around the blogosphere because I don't care for spoilers. Just by reading the summary and some interviews and such that you've done I can tell you that I NEED this book. And sadly, due to stupid doctors and crappy circumstances, I don't have the money to buy it. I've been trying for any contest that I can find for it, but no luck so far.

Please please, pretty please pick me. I swear you won't be able to make anyone happier. I wish there was some way that I could lay down evidence to convince you of this... but sadly all I have is my word.

Deborah Julene said...

I should win Starters because I think the premise sounds interesting and the cover is gorgeous (cause you know we all judge books by the cover!) Thanks so much for this giveaway! I was at the bookstore last night and was SOOOOO tempted to buy it, but it turns out I forgot my wallet :(

~Debz @ Debz Bookshelf

CookieMonster said...

First, thank you so SO much for this awesome and fun giveaway! I think that I should win because I'm the biggest reader on the planet! I read a full book every day (it helps I can't sleep), and want to be a writer when I grow up too! I've always been curious about the novel Starters ever since I heard of it, and I even wrote a poem about it based on the synopsis I read:

The future puts her life at stake
An elder set, her body take
And since the mind of her can't say
She is committed, pulled away
To depths of danger, so she'll run
Away from all the renting ones
But can she fix the horrid plan
Of Body Bank's The Old Man?
With courage, hope, and bravery,
Only Callie can set herself free.

I hope you like the poem, and I'm absolutely sure I will LOVE the book! It would mean everything to win, and I can't wait to read the best comment. :) Best of luck to EVERYONE, and thank you so much again for such a fun giveaway! <3

Kellin said...

I should win because I'm writing this at 11:11 and I think you can guess what I'm wishing for :)

you could make a wish come true by picking me!

Thanks for the giveaway.


Lissa Price said...

I am loving the comments. The poems are great fun. I am leaving for the NY portion of my tour, so I'll pick the winner by the next weekend!

Unknown said...

Hey Lissa, congrats on getting covered in today's Shelf Awareness newsletter! Can I win for dropping off great news???

Kayla Beck said...

I should win because I am a winner. It is just what I do. Bask in the awesome - it is contagious. *emits awesome rays*

Did you feel it? :-P

Lissa Price said...

Work it, girl!

Lissa Price said...

I love all of you. Thank you for participating and for all the STARTERS luv. I picked a winner - the poem by CookieMonster will get featured on my website and wins the book!

And Renee, you were the only person to tell me about the Shelf Awareness review! So I will send you a book as well for that.

Please go to my website and find my email address and send me your mailing addresses for your prizes. Thanks, everyone. On my site there is a contest page that tries to keep everyone aware of Starters giveaways. Also my fb page LissaPriceAuthor on fb and Lissa_Price on twitter.