About Us

The League of Extraordinary Writers is a group of debut YA authors who write science fiction and dystopian works. We have works that run the gamut of near-future mind control to far-future space travel, but they do have one thing in common: a future where the Earth we know now is twisted, gone.

Since its inception, the League has grown from five debut authors to take on more authors, with more topics and genres covered than ever before!

For full bios of all the regular League members, please click here.

Q: Where does your name come from?
A: It's a play on "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," and also due to the fact that we all write about extra-ordinary things, stuff beyond the norm. 

Q: Who are the members of the League?

Q: And what did you write?

Q: How can I be a guest author on the League?
A: Decide what month you'd like to guest post and how many guest posts you want to do (one to four). Then, contact one of the authors scheduled to run that month (you can see the schedule here). When you do, you should let us know what you wrote, including your publisher and publication date, as well as a brief summary of your guest post would consist of. If you're not a writer, but have a topic relevant to our readers, please include the relevant details.

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