Stories Made Real

One of the cool things about sci fi and dystopian is that the very best ones show our world the way it could possibly be. I've read a few dystopians lately where I question how the world in the story is derived from the world in which we live in. It seems illogical that our world would go to those extremes willingly.

For me, I'd much prefer a dystopian to show a world where I can still see traces of my world. I want to believe that the world in the story is possible--so that I can prevent it from happening in my own, real world.

Which is why, when I was visiting the site of one of the best YouTube vloggers out there (Charlie Is So Cool Like), and I came across this fun video, my first thought was... well, why don't you watch it and tell me what book it's like?

Yup! Doesn't this remind you of our very own Angie Smibert and her debut, MEMENTO NORA?


Victoria said...

I love Charlie!!!

The blending of fiction and reality is always very interesting when done well, I think.

Lissa Price said...

Thanks for this introduction to Charlie - he's great.

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