Hungry For HUNGER GAMES, the Movie?

Me too. I can't wait. So here are some samples of merchandise that I couldn't resist.

I just got these, so no reviews, just showing off. And alerting you, in case they do run out. Starting with the funniest, there is the Harvard Lampoon parody.


Then we have the Official Illustrated Movie Companion.

Next up, The Tribute Guide.

Then an anthology of authors writing about the Hunger Games.

Finally, an unofficial book, a cookbook!

This is a game that was sold about a year or two ago. I know they are selling another game now. It could be the same in different packaging?

I wasn't kidding about merchandise selling out. I think the single posters are already out of stock of Katniss and the guys. There are also bracelets, watches, pencils, some of which are not available yet. And much more. You all must have heard about the nail polish fiasco?

And it's only the beginning.

So maybe you guys aren't as nerdy as I am. Or maybe you are? Anyone have any favorite movie memorabilia from a film based on a book?

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Anonymous said...

Oh god, I am so excited about this movie it is unbelievable. I love the books so much, so I hope they don't mess up the films.
I always love the get the illustrated movie guide, and maybe a poster of Peeta would be nice if I could get one.

Lissa Price said...

That's the smaller poster and its in stock now. The bigger one is out of stock right now. At least on Amazon.

Lissa Price said...

We just got our tickets. This is for a huge theater where they assign seats. The majority of the best seats are gone already for the evening show for opening day. So check your theaters as tickets are pre-selling at Twilight levels.