My Sci-fi (ish) Bucket (ish) List for 2012

Ok, it's not so much a bucket list as a things-I'm-looking-forward-to-this-year list. Bucket list just sounds better. ;)  These are the top 10 science fiction / fantasy things I’m personally looking forward to this year. (Not including, of course, the 10 League books coming out this year. Can you believe it?)

1. Insurgent by Veronica Roth (May 1)

I loved Divergent. If you haven’t read it, go forth and read.

2. Winds of Winter by George RR Martin (Who knows?)

This is supposedly the last installment in the Songs of Fire and Ice series. I don’t know when it’s scheduled to be published, but the FIRST CHAPTER of Winds of Winter is on Martin's web site. (That page says it's to be published last year; Dance of Dragons didn't come out until last July.)

3. New Neil Gaiman or Scott Westerfeld?

I'm jonesing for another Coraline or Graveyard Book or Leviathan trilogy. Hint, hint.

4. Hunger Games Movie (March 23)

Well, isn’t everyone looking forward to this?

5. The Hobbit Movie (December 14)

6. Dark Shadows movie (Summer)

Three of my favorite things together. Johnny Depp + Tim Burton + Dark Shadows. This could be totally brilliant or completely awful.  For you Dark Shadows virgins, Moviebyte did a quick introduction to the movie / series.

7. Game of Thrones Season 2 (April 1)

HBO's excellent adaptation of George RR Martin's Game of Thrones made me go read the Songs of Fire and Ice series -- only to discover it's not finished (see item 2 above).  Season 2 should be based on book 2, A Clash of Kings.

8. Walking Dead Season 2.5 (February 12)

I'm not usually a zombie fan, but AMC's The Walking Dead is a damn good show. Period.

9. HG Wells spinoff of Warehouse 13

Last spring, Hollywood Reporter and several other places reported that a Warehouse 13 spin-off was in the works, featuring one of my fave characters, HG Wells. The spin-off (possibly called Warehouse 12) is set in Victorian London. (Yes, it is Steampunk-ish.) We saw a backdoor pilot or sorts for it on last season's Warehouse 13 (via I09).

btw, HG is a woman.

10. The Apocalypse (December 21)

As we've all no doubt heard by now, the Maya calendar runs out on 12/21/12.  All the end-of-the-world prophecies are, of course, fiction (knock wood), but I'm secretly glad the Hobbit movie comes out before that date. ;)

The Mayans are probably laughing their asses off.

What are you looking forward to this year in the science fiction / fantasy (and/or young adult) universe?


mimz said...

OMG there is going to be a Warehouse 12?? AAAAHHHH I just literally screamed with joy! I really hope it will happen because I need more HG! :D

Sophia said...

I haven't even read Dance with Dragons yet (I have to reread the series first), but the news that the last book has a name and a first chapter online made me tear up. I am at work. Not cool, Angie.

On the bright side, dang, I did not know I cared so much.

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...

I am so excited for The Hobbit and The Hunger Games movies and Insurgent. As far as books and movies are concerned, this year is going to be fantastic.

Lissa Price said...

What a great post this is! I am looking forward to every one of these. I also don't gravitate toward zombies but got hooked on WALKING DEAD.