Upgrade Your Reading with MILA 2.0

Imagine this scenario: You're sixteen, you've just moved to a small town after the death of your father, and your mother is a little too overprotective.  And then, just as you're beginning to connect with the cute new boy at school, you discover everything you thought you knew about yourself is a lie.

And thus begins MILA 2.0, a fast-paced science fiction thriller that not only delivers expertly choreographed action scenes but also has us questioning what it means to be human. See, Mila is part of a covert government experiment - think THE BOURNE IDENTITY for teens - and when she's forced to go on the run, she finds out just how different she is from other girls.

Wouldn't it be cool to know automatically how to disable an attacker? To have a built-in GPS so you'd never get lost? To have perfect night-vision?  Mila has all these features, and more. But she also has the roller-coaster emotions of a teenager, and she's afraid if she gives into the "machine" part of herself, she might lose something essential.  It's an intriguing internal conflict that drives the story, and I absolutely loved the way that this struggle played out in the course of the external plot.

MILA 2.0 is the start of a series, and the little hints of things to come dropped throughout the novel have me inhumanly excited for the next book.  So join us in congratulating Debra on today's release of her debut novel - and in the inhumanly long wait to find out what happens next ...

Also, check out yesterday's post for more information about the book and a giveaway of a signed copy of MILA 2.0!

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