Recipe for the MILA 2.0 Book Launch!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm still a little dazed and confused from all the MILA 2.0 launch craziness last week and over the weekend, so I'm going to spare you most of my incoherent babble and just post a few highlights from my release party on Saturday. It was held at the San Marcos Public Library, which was totally awesome because a) it's five minutes from my house, b) most of my local friends were able to attend and c) the librarians are so awesome, they let us film the MILA 2.0 Harlem Shake!

So, here it is--the Recipe for the MILA 2.0 Book Launch!

First, procure some tasteful decorations (masterminded by my aunt, since I am somewhat decorationally-challenged). Make sure to obtain candy in the same color scheme as your book cover (BONUS:  Since MILA's cover is all blue and silver, I was spared the embarrassment of inhaling Red Vines like crack!)

Toss in a handful of giveaways (TOUCHED by Corrine Jackson, HOOKED by Liz Fichera, and THE CADET OF TILDOR by Alex Liddell, along with some amazing swag packs from assorted authors. Plus, the library donated two Barnes & Noble giftcards AND an iPod Shuffle, WOOT!)

Mix in author-ish babble about how long it takes to get published (for me, that was almost 5 books), perform a brief reading, and then answer audience questions (NOTE:  wearing shorts meant I didn't have to worry about inadvertently flashing anyone with my incessant fidgeting--SCORE!)

Sprinkle a dash of awesome friends who make theme shirts and masks just for your event!

Add one great bookstore (Mysterious Galaxy) to sell books while you sign and patrons snack:

Finally, the best part--blend it all together and make the MILA 2.0 HARLEM SHAKE:


Kim (YA Asylum) said...

I love the masks! That's so cool. That book signing looks like so much fun.

Debra Driza said...

Thanks, Kim! I loved the masks, too--such a great surprise!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

oh man the mila masks are amazing and slightly creepy but I supposed that's exactly how mila probably felt seeing that face

Debra Driza said...

Marissa, oh my gosh, EXACTLY my thoughts too! So cool yet slightly sinister to see all the masks together!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like such a fun book launch. I just finished your book and loved it. I'll be spotlighting it on my blog next month and giving it away.