An Exclusive Interview with Susanne Winnacker


Susanne was nice enough to sit down during this busy launch week to talk about her new book and her writing process. You'll see by the photos that she's a world traveler.

My first question is why did your book release in the UK before the US? Did the US publisher use the same edited version from the UK? It’s typically the other way around.

That’s because Usborne, my UK pub, is my main publisher. My agent and I went on sub in the UK first and after the book had sold, we sent it out to US publishers. The US and UK version are very similar, but the US version is shorter, though no events have been cut.

You live in Germany now, what brought you there and what’s your daily life like there?

Actually, I’ve been born in Germany and have never lived anywhere else. But I’d love to live in the US or the UK for a while. I studied law before I became a full time writer. Now I get up with my husband in the morning, go on a walk with our dog and then I spent about 1 – 2 hours catching up on emails and checking my social networking sites. After that I edit or write. Then I go with our dog on another long walk and work out on my elliptical. Sometimes I manage to read a bit.

What made you choose LA for the setting of your story?

My husband and I travel a lot and one of our favorite destinations is the US. When I visited L.A, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t as “glamorous” as I’d thought it would be. But still most people associate the city with beauty and fame, and parts of L.A. reflect that and I just thought that a city like that, a city that’s the home of Hollywood, would be perfect to show the downfall of everything beautiful. What happens to a city that was full of life, once everyone’s gone and everything’s destroyed? What’s left?

Your tagline says so much in few words. Did the publisher come up with it or did you have any say in it?

My publisher and I have been working on the tagline together and it took a long time to come up with a good one. I sent a long list of suggestions and then the lovely people at Usborne discussed what would be best.

How much say did your publisher allow you to have with the cover?

My editor sent me the cover and asked me if I wanted to change anything. I asked them to change Sherry’s eyecolor and to add cracks to the street and make everything look more abandoned.

Are the WEEPERS meant to be a trilogy or a two-book series? Or longer?

The Weepers will be two books. The sequel “The Life Beyond” will be out in February 2013 in the UK.

What’s one thing readers would be surprised to know about you or your book?

That English isn’t my first language. I grew up with German and learned English in school. Parts of my law studies were in English too. Many people are surprised that I chose to write in my second language. For me it works perfectly. My work life is in English and my private life in German.

What’s next for you?

Well, I’ve been working on a new book. A YA thriller. Sadly I can’t say much more right now but I hope soon!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the League readers about your book?

It’s action-packed and the Weepers will scare the living daylights out of you! That’s a promise!

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Roseywinter said...

I've never heard of this author & thank you for introducing her with this interview. :) I'm so intrigued about her book!

I'm going to Google her name, but I was wondering if you had any links to her? Like a personal website, blog, or Goodreads page?

Thanks again!

- Esther

Lissa Price said...

Yes! Follow that link above which takes you to her bio page on this blog. At the bottom of it are all of her links! Thanks for stopping by. I'm guessing you found us via twitter.

Jenni said...

Great interview! I'm shocked to find out that Susanne writes in her second language, that is quite the accomplishment!

Lissa Price said...

I know, while the rest of us struggle with a few words of French or Spanish, she's writing entire books in English! Absolutely amazing.

Lissa Price said...

Susanne will be giving away a signed copy of THE OTHER LIFE at the end of the week. To enter, just comment on any our posts (this one counts!) during the week. The contest is open internationally.

Susan Light said...

Thanks so much for the interview! I would love to go to Germany just to drive the Autobahn.

Vivien said...

I'm so excited to learn that she's German. I am too!! I was born there and my mom's side of the family lives there. It's so true about keeping that side personal. I do the same :)

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

M.A.D. said...

Susanne looks way too sweet to have written a dystopian zombie book!!! lol

And ... can we say *SQUEE* that there will be not one, but TWO books :D

Also, I think she made a very good call on the cover details, because that is one of the hands-down BEST covers I've ever seen!!

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