Zombie Apocalypse

I think we all agree that a Zombie Apocalypse would be awesome.


Well, suit yourself.

What’s not to like about rotting flesh, yellow teeth, falling off limbs and maggot infested bodies?
Even the CDC seems excited about the upcoming zombie apocalypse!
The Weepers in my book THE OTHER LIFE are often compared to zombies. But they aren’t dead or undead. Here’s how wikipedia defines a zombie: A zombie is an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft. The Weepers never died, so technically they aren’t zombies. And there definitely isn’t any kind of witchcraft involved! Anyway. I won’t lie: I love zombies.

That’s why I’m part of ZombieCraze2012 on The Bookish Brunette’s blog.

You’ve never heard of it? Here’s how Bookish Brunette describes it: An EPIC, month-long, annual Zombie event hosted by The Bookish Brunette! Featuring: Zombie Books – Guest-posts & interviews from authors of zombie books – Book REVIEWS of Zombie books – GIVEAWAYS of Zombie books.

So if you love zombies (and even if you don’t – what’s the matter with you???), you should take a look. Today it’s my turn. There’s a guestpost in which I make a list of all things zombies (like zombie walks and zombie board games!). If you want to have a chance at surviving the zombie apocalypse, you’ll have no choice but to read it! There's also a giveaway, btw.

And out of interest, how would you survive the zombie apocalypse? I'll just follow the instructions the CDC gives on their website! We'll see how that goes...

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Lily Cate said...

How have I never heard of ZombieCraze before just right now??
I'm in :D

LM Preston said...

I love zombie books - they scare me good. Thanks for sharing new reads with me.

Alba said...

never read any zombie books T_T

Bookish Brunette said...

YAY!!! Thanks for the linkage chick!!!

Your post today ROCKED!! Thank you SO much for being apart of Zombie Craze 2012!!!