The Forgetting Curve Launch Week

This week is all about celebrating the release of Angie Smibert's follow-up to her amazing debut MEMENTO NORA called THE FORGETTING CURVE. 


It's best to read MEMENTO NORA before diving into THE FORGETTING CURVE, so if want to avoid spoilers, check out MEMENTO NORA first.  Still with me? Ok then here's the jacket blurb: 
Aiden Nomura likes to open doors—especially using his skills as a hacker—to see what’s hidden inside. He believes everything is part of a greater system: the universe. The universe shows him the doors, and he keeps pulling until one cracks open. Aiden exposes the flaw, and the universe—or someone else—will fix it. It’s like a game. 
Until it isn’t. 
When a TFC opens in Bern, Switzerland, where Aiden is attending boarding school, he knows things are changing. Shortly after, bombs go off within quiet, safe Bern. Then Aiden learns that his cousin Winter, back in the States, has had a mental breakdown. He returns to the US immediately. 
But when he arrives home in Hamilton, Winter’s mental state isn’t the only thing that’s different. The city is becoming even stricter, and an underground movement is growing.
Along with Winter’s friend, Velvet, Aiden slowly cracks open doors in this new world. 
But behind those doors are things Aiden doesn’t want to see—things about his society, his city, even his own family. And this time Aiden may be the only one who can fix things . . . before someone else gets hurt.


I had the pleasure of getting to read and review THE FORGETTING CURVE during Dystopian February on my blog.  Here's an excerpt of my review:

Like in the first book, the world building details really immerse you in a near-future world where companies take advantage of people's fears to make money. To me, Aiden was an utterly believable hacker, and his voice was markedly different to Winter's (and Velvet's).

Congrats to THE FORGETTING CURVE for earning the Zombie Chicken Merit Badge for world building. :)



Marshall Cavendish, hardcover (May 1, 2012)
ISBN13: 978-0761462651
ISBN: 0761462651

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Catherine Stine said...

I love quirky hackers. They're always quirky, aren't they? Comes with the job... I also love that zombie chicken merit badge! So funny. I may take a look at the first in this series!

Unknown said...

These both sound like great books! More to add to the summer reading pile.

Vivien said...

I really enjoyed Memento Nora!!! I'm such a geek when it comes to world building. It's so bloody necessary!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Carole Estby Dagg said...

Congratulations to Angie on what sounds like another engrossing read!

Susan Light said...

Memento Nora is actually sitting on my desk at school right now waiting for me to pick it up and read it. Will have to now that there is a new book on the horizon.

Susan Light
books4susie at aol dot com