Lark Ascending Ascends Today!

Meagan Spooner's Skylark was written in my spare bedroom.

Not many books you can say that about, right? This series is incredibly close to my heart--I remember the first words Meg got down, I remember her bedroom walls covered in post-it notes as she carefully revised the novel. I remember carrying printed pages and a red pen on the train to and from work, getting home each night to hand over my notes and demand the next chapter. Neither of us had any experience with publication, and neither of us knew a lot about what we were doing, but she was writing this book, and I was hovering over it like a proud aunt, cheering at every tiny milestone.

I remember crying tears of joy when the series sold, and losing my cool completely when I held a copy in my hands for the first time. The day it came out in Australia, I visited five different bookshops, just to admire it on the shelves. I wanted to grab passers by and show them this amazing thing, right there in front of us!

These days I have a published series that I co-author with Meg. We talk every single day about our work, dividing up editing and emails, brainstorming chapters, troubleshooting and exchanging entertaining gifs. These days, writing is our normal, and we love it, and we're grateful for it every day.

As Lark Ascending releases today, I'm reflecting on my gratitude--for this book, for the path it made for its author and me, for the fact that it paved the way for me to spend every day working with Meg.

I'm also reflecting on how much I love this series. Skylark, Shadowlark and Lark Ascending go dark places, and ask questions you don't hear every day--questions about what it is to be human, what it is to lose everything, and what kind of person you'd be if you had to start again. Though I've read these stories over and over, this trilogy still makes my heart pound, the imagery and poetry makes my breath catch, and as I finished book three, I cried—not because it was overwhelmingly sad, but because it was the end of a poem, simply perfect. It was the right ending for this story, and though we’d talked many times about where it might all lead, I didn’t know Meg’s final answer until I held my finished copy in my hands.

Set in a world where magic is a resource--indeed, the only thing that will keep you alive--and centred on an ordinary and extraordinary girl who refuses to accept the status quo, this series takes you across a twisted, post-apocalyptic landscape on a journey you'll never forget.

To celebrate the release of Lark Ascending, you can get Skylark for only $0.99 and Shadowlark for only $4.29, but not for long!

So, grab this series with both hands, read it, love it, let it challenge you and make you think.


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