The World of Shadowlark: Behind The Covers

Today is release day for Meagan Spooner's Shadowlark in the UK, and (most importantly, of course) here in Australia! Now, if you're in the US, you may already be familiar with the gloriousness of THIS:

I knooooow, right? Bethany's already talked about the amazing world of Shadowlark, and the US cover sums it up beautifully. It's a glimpse through the tunnels of Lethe, the underground city Lark's search for the truth leads her to -- and oh, I loved Lethe. From the cramped tunnels to the marketplace, Lethe is literally full of secrets within secrets, and no person are place are entirely what they first seem to be. Built from the ruins of the city above, Lethe's tunnels aren't a safe place, and the way the path on this cover bends out of sight gets me every time. Meg's writing is strong, poetic stuff, and she drags you into her world and into her story, submerging you completely. This cover is the perfect invitation to set your foot on the path.

But apparently there's no cosmic justice in the universe, because the Cover Gods gave Shadowlark not one, but two incredible covers. What's the star on the cover, you ask? I'd love to tell you... but I'm going to make you read, instead. The citizens of Lethe are protected underground from the Empty Ones above, and the mysterious star you see plays a part in that!

I simply loved Shadowlark -- I mean, you could wrap this book in brown paper and I'd still hug it close to my heart -- but for those who like to judge by a cover (and it's all of us some days, including me!), how lucky is Meg?

This is a powerful, poetic series that's dark and beautiful, often both at once, and you should run out and grab Skylark and Shadowlark today. You won't be sorry.

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Haneen Ibrahim said...

True, the first cover in particular is awesome:)