Online Resources for Teen Writers

A friend of mind asked me once about writing resources for her teen daughter. Since I started writing fiction rather late in the game (*cue creaky, achy back*) I didn't have much to say. So I looked around recently and found so much out there!

Here are a bunch of sites that would be great for teens searching for a community of peers, a place to find advice about writing and publishing, readers who willing to read what they had to offer, and maybe give constructive feedback, too.

I recently blogged about the awesomeness that is Wattpad. So many writers (teens and upwards) have found great fiction, great friends, and a great audience for their work. Some have gone on to find traditional publishing contracts after getting millions of views!

Another great site to upload your writing, make your own cover, and let the Figment community find and fan your work. There's almost always a writing contest running and established authors often post sneak peeks of their work there.

Teen Ink is run by teens, for teens. It has a magazine that accepts submissions for fiction, poetry, and artwork, as well as a forum where you can receive feedback on your writing. There are links to summer writing programs and a college guide, too. There is no charge to submit or post, but the print edition has a subscription fee.

This is a fairly bare-bones site for age 13+ writers to share fiction and poetry. There's a nice forum on all things writing-related and it's a family-friendly.

This is an Australian site that's open to teens everywhere. It's a smaller, more cozy site which also shares writing advice and an opportunity to post work.

On this cathartic website, teens are encouraged to anonymously write out their feelings about anything and everything, no matter how difficult the subject matter. It's monitored by trained staff and is sponsored by KidsPeace, an organization dedicated to helping kids in crisis.

Another nifty forum for fiction and poetry writers, but this one extends to information and posting on scriptwriting, lyrics, artwork, and non-fiction, such as essays and articles.

This quirky site lets you upload and share your own stories, but also has a fun section where you take can take all sorts of quizzes (like ones you find on FB) and make your own. Though it doesn't specifically say it's geared towards teens, teens seem to be the bulk of the users there.

A place to post novels, poetry, short stories, articles, and lyrics. It's geared for 13+ and up and doesn't allow adult content, so it's at least PG-13, content-wise.

There are lots of other sites that allow uploading and sharing of writing, but the ones above specifically seemed geared towards teens or were welcoming to teens.

Hope you found this helpful! If you know a teen who's itching to write and be read, let them know about the list!


Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome there's some places teen writers can connect with each other.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great list! We can add these to the IWSG site.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Wow! That's a great list of resources, Lydia! Thank you! I have a teen who's going to love this.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Very helpful Lydia!

Marianne Knowles said...

Thanks for posting this, Lydia! It's awesome. I have a teen writer at home who wishes there was more time in the schedule for Figment. I've linking this list on our resources page at Writers' Rumpus.

Marianne Knowles said...

Whoops, meant to say "I am linking this list on our resources page."!

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