Finding Inspiration in Film

Okay, so whenever I feel low on story ideas, I do what comes naturally. Nothing. That's right! I do nothing!

I don't try to force the ideas. I don't research. I don't freak out and wonder if I'm a real writer, or if I'll ever have another writable idea, or any of that.

I simply do nothing. A mindless activity, like folding laundry or driving or making dinner. Something I don't have to think very much about, something that allows my mind to imagine and wander.

That's when the best ideas come.

Another thing I like to do is watch movies. I especially like science fiction films, as they have cool techno-gadgets and awesome special effects -- stuff I like to see in books. Stuff I want to incorporate into my own speculative fiction.

So whenever I'm feeling low on creative vibes, I turn to movies. I do a whole lot of nothing, and it's fun! I get to see what they're doing with CGI these days, and I get to see what someone else's mind is coming up with. It's a win/win.

What do you like to see in your speculative fiction? Cool gadgetry? Awesome transformations? New inventions?


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J.S. Davidson said...

When I'm low on story ideas, I don't do anything either. And I always used to felt guilty just sitting around and avoiding my work. But what I thought was nothing was really my way of seeking inspiration. I'd watch movies, and haunt websites like Tumblr, where I could surround myself with the things I love and the things I write about. You're right--that's when the best ideas come. :)