Paperback Release for Lissa Price's Starters + Portrait of a Spore

After a hugely successful run in hardcover (7 printings!), STARTERS is finally coming out in paperback today. And as a thank you to fans, Lissa wrote a special short story just for the paperback: Portrait of a Spore.

So what's Portait of a Spore about?  PoaS is told from two points of view - one gives us insight into the "mind" of a Spore, bioengineered to wipe out everyone in North America without the vaccine (mostly those from 18-65) leaving only children and teens (Starters) and the elderly (Enders).  The other point of view is Callie's mother.

The story covers the morning and afternoon of the spores arrival in Callie's hometown. It fleshes out Callie's backstory and gives us some really great mother/daughter moments. Definitely worth the read!

Also, had an exclusive reveal yesterday of the Enders cover, with an excerpt as well - leave a comment on that post and you could win a copy of the paperback or a gift card. (International entries accepted).

Find out more about Lissa Price and Starters at her website and Facebook.  Follow her on twitter.


John Dixon said...

I'm a big fan of STARTERS (and love the new cover, along with the ENDERS cover revealed over at EW yesterday), but somehow I missed "Portrait of a Spore", the short story bundled in the paperback version! Looks like I need to hit the bookstore soon!

slcard said...

Oh my gosh, Portrait of a Spore sounds SO GOOD! I love that we'll get a little more of Callie's history, especially scenes with her mother! And I LOVE this new cover. I have a soft spot for the original, but this one really captures the eye. Gorgeous! Am I ever glad I already have my copy!! First chance, it'll be on the beach with me!

Unknown said...

I've got my hardcover, but I'll be heading to the bookstore soon to pick up the paperback version of Starters. I expect "Portrait of a Spore" will be a fascinating read as Ms. Price never disappoints.

Derek J Rogers said...

Great cover for the paperback! I can't wait to get a copy, read Starters again and read "Portrait of a Spore."