Good News Everyone! LANDRY PARK Has a Cover!

I have to admit something: publishing can be a little dull sometimes.  I am saying this fully grateful for the (mostly due to luck) gift of being published, and I am saying this fully cognizant of eighteen-months-ago Bethany, who was so desperate to get published that she would probably stab me in the face for saying that it isn't all foot massages and beer tastings.

But truth?  It's not.  It's validating and wonderful and yes, I get the greatest gift of all, which is getting paid for making things up in my brain and being able to use the word "tintinnabulation" correctly in a sentence.  But there are long periods of waiting in publishing.  You sell your book and then you wait for an edit letter.  You turn in the edited book and wait for the next edit letter.  You turn that in and wait for line get the picture.

But getting your cover?  That's one of the highs that makes up for all the lows, all the weeks with no word and wondering if maybe getting published was an elaborate hallucination that I'd crafted in my head.

And this cover?  It especially makes up for everything.

I love so many things about it.  I love the graphic, sci-fi feel.  I love the blue light--which is a central element in the story.  I love the estate and the girl--I love it all.  And I definitely love the feeling of knowing that my book has a cover, a real cover, and that means it is finally a real book that real people might read someday.

And THAT is the best feeling of all.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

This cover is beyond amazing. Love how they insert the girl in one of the letters.