ABANDON Scavenger Hunt!

Okay, so today I’m talking about a city in the Association that became pivotal. Castledale. I first had Gunner land in Castledale at the end of Surrender after he fled Freedom. True to how I write, I had no idea how important Castledale would become.

If you’ve read Surrender, you might remember that Gunner had help there that came in the form of a green-eyed guy. As I pondered who that might be and why he might be important, I realized how much this city—and that guy—meant to the Resistance.

So as I wrote ABANDON, I knew that my traveling team would need to go to Castledale, and I knew that the Resistance would have to be alive and thriving in the city. I had to have other people, other cities, that were doing as much as Jag was doing. I mean, he’s just one guy. He can’t be everywhere across thousands of miles.

I knew I had to have cities that were anxiously engaged in his cause, and Castledale became the hub of activity for the Resistance when I needed it. I’m still sort of surprised how it all came together. Ha!

I'm running a scavenger hunt all over the Association. It ends this Friday, but you can get caught up (all the way back to June 4) and enter to win with the links and Rafflecopter below.

Today's scavenger hunt can begin here! Somewhere on this map of the Association is the winning city. I've mentioned here in this post, and you can find references to it in all of today's posts. (See complete hunt details here.)

When you know today's scavenger hunt city, enter it in this form for a chance to win one of six Possession series paperback packages and a $50 Amazon gift card!

Continue the scavenger hunt at Kissed By Ink, where Amy has another clue for today's city!

As if that weren't enough, there will be a daily winner of Possession series swag! Enter in the Rafflecopter below.

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If you get lost, you can always go to Elana's blog to find your place. Happy hunting!

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