ABANDON and the importance of choice

For all of its high-tech revelry, romantic entanglements and shifting alliances, Elana Johnson's dystopian series, beginning with POSSESSION and continuing with SURRENDER and now ABANDON, has clearly focused on one theme: the importance of choice.

Jag and Zenn narrate this latest installment, and as characters, they bring much to the table in terms of the theme.  Jag has always been the more daring one, the more openly rebellious, the one that will fight until the end to see the dawn of a new world where people can decide for themselves.  Zenn is more careful, more calculated, not entirely sure the masses should be given their own agency and not entirely sure of who he really is deep down - or what he really wants.

Zenn knows he loves Vi. Everything he's done, he's done to protect her.  But Vi is with Jag now, and that leaves Zenn untethered - and unpredictable.

The resistance takes heavy (and heartrending!) losses in this novel, but they also find new hope. ABANDON explores the sacrifices we must make in order to truly be free. 

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Donna K. Weaver said...

Can't wait to read it. I didn't realize it was from their points of view. Awesome.