Listening to LEVEL 2 by Lenore Appelhans

I’m a HUGE fan of audio books. I joined Audible way back when. Plus I get them from the library. Audio books were a godsend when I commuted an hour each way to work. Now they save me from boredom at the gym. (My idea of exercise is zoning out on a bike with a good book in my ears.)

So, I can safely say Lenore’s LEVEL 2 is exactly the kind of book that makes a great listen.

Here’s why:

  1. Great world building. Level 2 might be a stark white world between worlds, but the concept is fascinating and fertile ground for dystopia.

  2. An absorbing story. No spoilers, but Felicia encounters death, intrigue, love, good and evil, rebellion—all in the afterlife.

  3. Pace that builds. See number 2. Let’s just say that Felicia finds out that reliving you’re greatest hits (memory-wise) gets you nowhere. You’ve got to face the hard stuff to move on.

  4. Fabulous narrator. Based on my own experience as a listener and an author, the narrator can make or ruin the listening experience. The narrator of Level 2—Jenna Lamia—has a certain something to her voice that makes it ideal for YA. She’s also very experienced, with over 40 titles to her credit, including: The Help, Shiver, Linger, Forever, and the Adoration of Jenna Fox. (And those are just the ones I’ve read/listened to.)

But don't listen to me; judge for yourself!

If the above embedded player doesn’t work, you can go directly to Level 2's Listening Library page .

You can purchase Level 2 as an audio book on:

(Full disclosure: I read the book on my Kindle, but I just listened to the first chapter sample via Listening Library. And wow. I may have to use my next credit to hear L2 at the gym.) 

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Irene Jennings said...

I loved this review when I read it on Goodreads and I love it still more right now, especially with the added element of how the cover relates to the story. I have been anticipating reading this book since Lenore teased me with a couple pages last summer when I visited her in Frankfurt.
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