Guest Interview with Beth Revis

Beth Revis’ first novel, Across the Universe, was an inspiration for me. I loved how she grabbed the reader with such a visceral, memorable opening chapter. She’s shown how YA readers can be entertained by a story set on a spaceship, disproving the myth that “girls don’t read science fiction,” with her bestselling trilogy.

Today, the week that the final book, SHADES OF EARTH, is released, Beth takes time from her crazy schedule to talk to us - Lissa

First of all, how does it feel to finish this incredible trilogy? Is it a feeling of relief, from finishing such a major project? Or is it sad to say goodbye?

It’s such a relief! I’ve never felt the slow-wheels of publishing before now, but I’ve been dying to have this book out for what feels like ages. I’m very happy with how the whole thing turned out, so that made it much easier for me to let go.

I understand there is a murder in Shades of Earth that is your favorite scene?

There is. I don’t want to give anything away as to who kicks the bucket, but I’ll say that it’s one of the scientist’s deaths about half-way through the book. I wish I had a video of myself typing that scene. I was literally on the edge of my seat, my fingers pounding on the keyboard. As soon as I finished, I made my husband listen to me read that scene aloud—and I never do that! I was just so excited to kill that character off like that!!

Do you have any sense, either from fan mail or otherwise, what percentage of your fans are girls vs. boys? Teens vs. adults?

No idea at all—and it doesn’t actually matter that much for me. I’m writing for readers, not a demographic. I’m a bit worried that if I focused to much on who my “audience” is, I’d forget to write a good book; I’d be too focused on pleasing some idea of my ideal reader. My publisher labels my books as “teen,” and that’s fine, but I’m not writing for teens. I’m writing for everyone. Let’s talk about “the grass is greener” for a moment.

If you could trade places with any author, who would it be?

No one. As much as I like other books (and as much as it would be fun to invade JK Rowling’s brain space for a bit!), my writing is a part of my life, and my stories come from me. I can no sooner imagine trading places with another author than I could imagine swapping lives with someone else!

Is there a book that you wish you had written?

I wouldn’t mind the royalty checks from some other books ;) But in general, nope—I value my favorite books in part because they’re such a surprise to me. And they wouldn’t be a surprise if I’d written them :)

Switching to publishing, what’s the nicest thing your publisher ever did for you?

Send my book into space! I still can’t believe that it’s actually happened. I am so amazed that they took my crazy idea and totally ran with it. When I first pitched it to them, I seriously expected to be laughed away. I mean, honestly, what publisher sends a book into space?! My publisher, that’s who! That was absolutely fantastic.

Readers, if you don’t know about this, it’s all here.

So you are the Queen of promotion and publicity, one of the hardest workers I know. You throw contests for your readers that have the most humungous prize packages. How do you balance that with writing? Are you some scheduling wizard?

HAHAHAHANOOOOOO. I am TERRIBLE at schedules. I basically come up with crazy ideas, set them in motion, and then procrastinate until I realize that I’ll totally be a loser unless I do ALL THE THINGS at once. This includes writing books. I’ll totally be irresponsible until I can feel the deadline breathing down my neck, then I panic and spend weeks doing 10k a day.

Love knowing that you’re human! What’s next for Beth Revis and is it going to be science fiction again or fantasy?

I can’t say! But I can confirm that there will be something else.

Is there anything else you’d like the League readers to know?

My favorite part of Across the Universe was the chapter that had only one sentence. My favorite part of A Million Suns was the page that has only one word. My favorite part of Shades of Earth is the blank page.

Beth Revis is the author of the NY Times Bestselling Across the Universe series, published by Razorbill/Penguin in the US andavailable in 17 countries. The first book in the trilogy, Across the Universe, is a “cunningly executed thriller” according to Booklist, and the second book, A Million Suns, was hailed by the LA Times as “a fast-paced, action-packed follow-up.” A former teacher, Beth lives in rural North Carolina with her husband and dog.

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Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome interview. I've been following Beth since before she got an agent and her publishing contract. I'm so excited for her success.