Extraordinary News!

Lots of fun and exciting news for the League this month!

Lissa's currently in sunny La Jolla (ack, I'm so jealous of her!) teaching at the La Jolla Writer's Conference. Give us a shout-out if you see her there!

And tell her thanks--she's also offering up a query crit for an auction to benefit Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Sandy (and if you snag representation, she's also offering a follow-up!). More information on this tax-deductible auction--including links to lots of other auctions with crits from agents and more authors--can be found here.

STARTERS is taking over the world on country at a time and sold in Romania.

In the Netherlands, STARTERS has been nominated at Crimezone for Best YA Thriller: Shortlist Buitenland (non-Netherlands http://www.crimezone.nl/yaverkiezing/ For voting instructions in English, please seewww.lissaprice.com.

Susanne has lots of cover news. First, she debuted the cover of her upcoming YA Thriller, IMPOSTER, which will be out July 11, 2013. Go here to read a full description.

And Susanne has a cover for the sequel to her debut, THE LIFE BEYOND! Click her for more details and a full spread of the dust jacket.

Lenore has exciting news for LEVEL 2--an excerpt of the US audiobook is available here!

And finally, I have a little news myself. I'm hosting a big contest right now in celebration of YA books--and the prize is fifty signed YA books! It's super easy to enter--full details are here :)

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Natalie Aguirre said...

All such awesome news. I love the Imposter cover.