Chicon and a YA Award for the Hugos?


Chris Barkley started a petition for the Chicon 7 Business Meeting of the 70th World Science Fiction Society to allow a vote for a proposed Hugo Award for Best Young Adult Book. I’ve signed it, as have 184 other people so far. It needs 200 votes.

On the site it explains:

“The proposal was introduced last year but there was no debate because there wasn't enough time to discuss this proposal and other pending amendment. Public support for this open petition will aptly demonstrate to the members voting at the Chicon 7 Business Meeting that this proposal is needed and wanted.”

There is a discussion page here.

But if you are in a rush, and already know you believe in the value of a vote, the petition link is here.

I will be on two panels at Chicon, (Aug 30- Sept 3, Hyatt Regency Chicago) with some amazing, esteemed science fiction authors, as well as a kaffeklatch (that’s where anyone can sign up to sit and have tea with me, usually it is a table of 8-10 people), and a signing. For details, please visit my site. Hope to see you in Chicago!

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