Thank You for a Great Launch of SURRENDER!

Wow, this week has been full of amazing stuff. Posts about covers--which blew me away. And food you can make while you read. And amazing reviews, and interviews, and silly stuff with The Hoff and Adam Lambert.

Some heart-wrenching truths about being published, and videos where I talk about books and writing...and blowing big bubbles.

Friends who set up giveaways for me. And the most amazing character art you'll ever see. Thanks to Christine, Dustin, Jamie, and Ali.

What an amazing launch week for SURRENDER. I'm so grateful. Thank you, thank you.

I'm running a Spectacular Seconds contest, where you can win an amazing signed sophomore novel by Beth Revis (Across the Universe), Kristi Cook (Mirage), Kim Harrington (Perception), Ally Condie (Crossed), and Veronica Roth (Insurgent). All the details, including the Rafflecopter entry widget, is HERE. Contest ends Saturday at midnight.

Not only that, but there are more fun things going on next week, Particularly at my blog, where I'm hosting another week of blog tours as well as the NEVER SURRENDER blogfest. You can find all the details and sign up here.

You can enter to win a signed hardcover of SURRENDER right here on the League by tweeting or liking us on Facebook or following our blog. And commenting! This contest ends tonight (Friday) at midnight, and I'll announce winners over the weekend.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here's a little video of launch day for you. I got my hair done. Went to breakfast--with BACON. Had fries and frosties. Launch party. It was fabulous!

Have you had a chance to get your copy of SURRENDER? I hope you will!


Natalie Aguirre said...

So glad you're having an awesome week Elana. It's great seeing Surrender all over the place this week.

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Congrats, Elana! It's been great seeing all the Surrender love this week. It's great to be able to support such a fabulous author!

Unknown said...

Congrats, Elana! :D

Daniela said...

I can't wait to read Surrender!

kathleen said...

Congrats Elana! Surrender sounds amazing.

Vivien said...

What a fabulous week it's been. I'm sure the emotions were a little overwhelming for you. Congrats again!!


Gi-Gi said...

Congrats Elana! :)
Can't wait for Surrender to hot stores, I'm so excited to read it.

Maidenveil said...

Congrats, Elana! :D

Lea said...

Haha, best music ever!
And congrats!!

aliyaa said...

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