Klindt’s Bookstore YA Event in The Dalles

I didn’t head to BEA this year. Last year my publisher brought me out and made a special giveaway of truffles with “SuperTruffles” written on the foil box, along with “STARTERS” info. This year, I was supposed to be home writing ENDERS but an amazing bookseller reached out to me, asking me to be part of their YA summer reading event at their historic bookstore, open since 1870. Because my best beta reader lives in Oregon, this sounded like a good chance to get her input on the ENDERS rewrite.

Kendare Blake (Anna Dressed in Blood), Lissa Price (Starters), and Brodi Ashton (Everneath).

I discovered Klindt's is much more than a bookstore. It’s become an intellectual center for this entire town in Oregon, called The Dalles. Teens there told me if they weren’t into sports, they felt like outcasts until they discovered the bookstore.

It’s the people. The booksellers are what make the indie bookstores great. They don’t just work there, they are the heart and soul of the place. They love reading and they know their customers. And the customers trust them.

And if they are the center of the bookstore, the librarian who took me to the school visits was the anchor for the readers in the schools. I saw students hi-fiving him in the hallway – the librarian! Later, all of us were treated to a special winery visit that was featured on Shark Tank followed by dinner in an historic restaurant. Everyone, including their friends and families, sat outdoors on a balmy night, viewed a rainbow and enjoyed a blues band in the background.

Saturday, the event started at 11 and went until 3. Twelve YA authors signed books (for a list, see the link below). A free bbq lunch was served to everyone and musical groups played in the parking lot while the flow of teens and parents never stopped. I believe over 650 people attended. It was a huge success and a very special experience, a glimpse of small-town life in a town that values reading.

Klindt's Books = More than a bookstore

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Deserae McGlothen said...

I love my indie bookstores, too, Lissa! My eldest sister used to live in Pasadena, and we'd BEG to go to Vroman's for the day, just to sit, to browse, and to be among like-minded people. How I miss it!

But it's so true. It's the environment that really shapes the experience. In my hometown, the indie bookstores aren't very welcoming or inviting, but in my college town, all I want to DO is go into the indie shops and spend the afternoon there before my next class! People really do make all the difference. They shape the experience. I'm so glad you have a "home outside of home" to call your own. It's great, isn't it? The absolute best.

Wishing you well!

Unknown said...

Great news your second book finished december. I love the first book starters.

Unknown said...

That was so much fun! I envy them their bookstore. My local store is a used book swap for fiction. There is only five ya in the whole store.

Derek J Rogers said...

We need more bookstores like Klindt's! The Lucky people who bought Starters probably stayed up all night finishing it.

James J Burkhardt said...

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