Interview: Julia Karr on Writing Truth

Tell us a little about Truth. No spoilers, of course!

In Truth, Nina is really pushed to come into her own. Through a series of unforeseen events, her life becomes much more complicated. And, as she learns more of the truth about the government & the media, she also is forced to dig deep and discover her own truths. What she will and won't do to make things right.

What did you learn from writing the first book that came in handy with this one? 

Probably one of the most important things I learned was that editing - and not being afraid to edit (sometimes meaning deleting) major chunks of a story - can make your book just that much better!

Did you know what was going to happen in Truth when you were writing XVI? In other words, did you plan out the sequel(s) ahead of time? 

I did not. As a matter of fact, I had several false starts on Truth while I was going through edits on XVI. Then, when I got my editorial letter on Truth - I ended up changing a lot - A HUGE LOT!

Big question. Was the second book harder to write than the first one? Why or why not?

Oh yes - it was a whole lot harder. Mainly for the reason above - doing edits on XVI and then coming back to Truth to write and rewrite.

Are you planning a third book? If so, details please! 

Honestly? When I was done with Truth I thought I was done. I thought I had nothing else to say about Nina and her friends. But... you know, a couple of months ago she came knocking on my imagination and I don't think she's going to go away until I finish her tale.


Christina Farley said...

Great interview! I love how you were so soaked up in your world that you were still living it after it was all done. I know your readers will be doing the same thing. Congrats!

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