A Million Suns Week!

Let it be known Across the Universe that tomorrow Beth Revis's sequel to her bestselling novel hits bookstores everywhere!

To get pumped up for A Million Suns, I decided to post a million ways to prepare to get back on the Godspeed.  Then I realized that might be a tad ... ambitious.  I thought 5 might be more reasonable, so here they are:

Five Ways to Get Ready for A Million Suns 

1. Read and/or review Across the Universe 
A spaceship fueled by lies, a girl awakened to a life she never wanted, a boy groomed to become a leader, and a murderer waiting to strike again. Across the Universe revealed the secret of the stars, but how Amy and Elder come to terms with their new roles onboard the Godspeed, and their feelings for one another, are issues that having me eagerly awaiting the release of A Million Suns on Tuesday.

2. Check out the trailers
You can watch the absolutely stunning official trailer from Penguin here, and while you are on youtube check out fan-made trailers for both books.

3. Go aboard the Godspeed to discover its secrets 
The official website for the books features a working diagram of the ship and snag one of the gorgeous backgrounds for your computer.

4. Listen to the song 
One of the Beatles' loveliest songs, Across the Universe inspired the trilogy's titles.

5. Leave a comment sharing your favorite Across the Universe scenes, your predictions for A Million Suns, or just a little book launch love for Beth. 

And don't forget to check out Beth's virtual launch party, which you can not only attend in your jam jams, but also includes cool prizes!


Carina Olsen said...

I am so excited about read A Million Suns! <3 Can't wait for it. Hoping it arrives soon, though :) Think it will be amazing. Across the Universe was so amazing, and I hope this will be better ;) CONGRATS BETH! On publishing such amazing books :)

Lissa Price said...

I LOVE the opening chapter of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!

Sarah Bielicki said...

Yeah, Beatles!!!! xD

Christi said...

I know that I should re-read ATU in preparation for AMS, but I'm too excited!