Memento Nora Challenge (Give to Enter)

Wow.  I can hardly believe I'm saying this: Memento Nora comes out next week! April 1st to be exact. (No April Fool's jokes just yet please!)

But rather than talk about the book (which we'll do next week), I'd like offer up a signed copy of Memento Nora and a little swag.  To win it, you'll need to do a little something good, though. Remember last Thursday, I mentioned a few fundraising efforts for Japan?  Well, both the Write Hope and Kidlit4Japan auctions kicked off on Monday.

So here's my challenge to you. Go bid on something in one of those auctions and/or go donate to the relief charity of your choosing. Then come back here and comment on this post. Just tell us you donated or bid. Honor system.  That'll enter you to win the prize pack. I'll announce the winner on April 1st.


Anonymous said...

I'm donating 15% of the proceeds from my Etsy shop to this month. So far that's only $3, but it's what little I can afford at the moment! (I donated $5 on my own behalf, but I did that for Maureen Johnson's drawing... so maybe I shouldn't count it?)

Vivien said...

I donated $50 to the American Red Cross.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Sophia Chang said...

I love this requirement! I donated to the Red Cross and had my bf do so as well.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I have bid on multiple items at Write Hope. Here's hoping I win at least one of them! LOL. :-)

Emily said...

I placed a bid (and I plan on donating directly to the Red Cross this weekend).

I also posted, on my blog, a few book related auctions I've found -


Elizabeth Briggs said...

I donated during Maureen Johnson's Shelterbox drive, and I also bid here (and will probably bid more this week):

Thanks for the contest! ebriggs23 at

MannaB said...

I donated to the Write Hope Fund!

crazypplrok at gmail dot com