Alien Apocalypse

When we think about the apocalypse, certain scenarios seem to be very popular like earthquakes, a meteor hitting Earth, the icecaps melting and flooding the world, a virus wiping out most of the population or zombies roaming the streets. But what about an alien apocalypse?

That's something I haven't seen often, especially in books.

I wonder why. Is it because it's less likely than, let's say, flesh-eating, rotting, maggot-covered zombies trying to gnaw at our bones?

And it if your answer is yes, then I'm asking why?

Maybe we're too ignorant, too focused on ourselves to accept that there might be intelligent life out there. Why should we be alone in the universe?

Mulder would agree. Scully, of course, would join the skeptics among you.

Scully? Mulder?

Hello!? Where have you been between 1993 until 2002?

Abducted by aliens maybe. That's what Special agent Fox Mulder would say.

Now that I've outed myself as a fan girl of The X-Files we might as well continue with our discussion about the upcoming alien apocalypse.

In X-Files the main plot involves a government conspiracy trying to hide the existence of extraterrestrials and their plan to wipe out human life on Earth. Some of those aliens live among us, posing as humans while they make evil plans. They abduct people and use them as lab rats. Some scientists even try to create the perfect alien-human hybrid.

Let's say there were aliens and the government knew about them. Would it be possible to keep that from the public? Wouldn't someone find out, post it on twitter or facebook and create a mass panic? Or maybe it wouldn't be difficult to hide extraterrestrials from us because we simply don't want to believe.

I doubt I would believe a tweet announcing the alien apocalypse, so maybe I'm one of those people who would make it very easy for the government to hide the existence of aliens.

But maybe it will be impossible to miss the alien apocalypse. Maybe it won't come gradually and in the form of alien imposters but in a wave of hungry, pitiless predators with acid for blood.

On this happy note I'll end my first guest post.

Oh, and don't forget:


(My favorite X-Files quote!)

So what do you think? Are you a believer like Mulder? Will aliens visit Earth some day? Will they maybe even wipe out human life? Or is it crazy talk?

In case you're wondering who I am and what I'm doing here:

I'm Susanne Winnacker, author of upcoming YA dystopian novel THE OTHER LIFE, in which a girl leaves a sealed bunker after years in hiding, only to find Los Angeles devastated and haunted by humans infected with a mutated rabies virus; struggling to save her family, she falls for a boy-hunter who is both their savior and greatest danger when his desire for vengeance threatens them all.
And I'm filling in for Julia Karr while she's working on the sequel to XVI.

Find me on my blog, twitter or website.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

The movies sure believe in Alien Apocalypses : BATTLEFIELD L.A. - COWBOYS AND ALIENS - SUPER 8 - MONSTERS - CLOVERFIELD.

Books could use a few more aliens and a few less vampires or werewolves. But there is one surefire proof that intelligent life is out there - they want nothing to do with us!

Interesting guest post. Have a great Tuesday! Roland

Lenore Appelhans said...

Welcome Susanne!

Jessica E. Subject said...

There are actually quite a few "alien" movies being released this year. (I did a three part special on my blog.)

Personally, I'm not sure what to believe, yet I do write about aliens on Earth. I'd like to believe if they came here, they would be friendly, but that's just my Libra personality.

Unknown said...

I thought there were less alien things, because we had them so much before.

I think it could also be that people are more afraid of something they can grasp, like mother nature turning against them. It closer to reality, even if aliens exist, they are not very present, are they?
Good point.
Nahno ∗ McLein

Anita Saxena said...

I think there is probably life out there in the universe, but they are so far away, they just don't have the technology to do the multi century journey. Oh, and speaking about Alien Apocalypse movies, what about War of the Worlds? I thought it was pretty good.

Liz said...

I loved The X-Files. To answer your question, though, could the government keep it quiet? Probably not. But that's where spin comes in. It's all too easy to make true things look fake: ramblings of a mad man, "secret code" that really means something else, etc.

Stephsco said...
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Stephsco said...

Oops sorry, had some typos.

Your book sounds interesting! The concept reminds me a little of the last two Fallout video games, which have a similar theme (FAllout is leaving a vault to find irradiated wasteland. you can customize your characters to be male or female, violent bad-ace or charming BS-er). A story with that kind of setting sounds intruiging.

I'd like to see a fresh take on the Roswell series (which I loved at the time but is a bit painful to revisit). Was also a huge fan of X Files and currently of Fringe!

More aliens!

Cherie Reich said...

I heart the X-Files. Now to an alien apocalypse, I don't know. If a person had the technology to travel to another planet inhabited by semi-intelligent life forms, would his/her first thought be "let's destroy them all?" For me, I don't think so. If a person has that sort of technology, surely they have better things to do with their time. *laughs* But I'm a believer that we aren't alone. Although perhaps we should "trust no one." (my favorite X-Files quote).

Michelle Flick said...

I was a huge X Files nerd...watched it regularly, always wanted Moulder and Scully to be together, and bit my nails because the hour was almost up and they still were in danger.

I wonder if people dont write about aliens because we get an image of Sigorni (SP) Weaver and the baby coming out of her belly...made we need to shift away from that...OK maybe I do.

Jan Dohner said...

Won't it be really sad and disappointing if there are no aliens?

I want to believe in the future we saw in Star Trek!

Carol Riggs said...

Ha, my post-apoc/dystopian is about aliens, just finished that WiP. Way ahead of ya. ;o) It has a twist, though...

Stephsco said...

^ Carol, sounds promising!