All I want for Christmas is...

In the world of XVI, there are a whole lot of things I don't want! Goverment surveillance, mandatory identification tattoos, marketing emphasis sexualizing teen and pre-teen girls, a tier system of haves and have-nots, dehumanization of homeless people... oh - that list goes on and on. Methinks Santa will NOT be visiting the powers that be in XVI's world.

But... there are some very cool things, too!

Personal Audio Video receivers (with tiny earpieces that can be used independently of the receiver)
Grocery store delivery systems where you type in what you want and it's picked & bagged & comes to you on a conveyor, ready to go.
Cook centers that you fill with ingredients and then touch a button on a pre-programmed recipe & ta-da! Your meal is cooked!

What I most want, however, is a personal transit (aka a fancy new vehicle for getting from here to there!)

They don't have wheels - they hover about a foot off the ground. Tractor beams keep them stable. Here's a description of one:

"...sliding into the seat, which immediately conformed to every curve of my body.
"Comfort Style," I murmured. I'd heard about the features of Comfort Style in verts, but never imagined I'd get to sit in a tran that had it.
... Inside there were individual entertainment devices, a dashboard chiller, and separate light diffusers in each window."

I've always loved cars. When I was growing up, cars were part of a person's identity - particularly the guys. I have to admit, loved the guys with the cool cars! Particularly ones like this...

Yep - there's a story that goes with a very similar car (and a very hot boy!)  However... for this Christmas - I'd like the cool future personal transit!

Or, as someone commented yesterday - a transporter!

How about you? What futuristic thing would you like under the tree? Or wrapped with a pretty bow in the driveway? :)


Mandy P.S. said...

Hoverboard. I'm holding out for my hoverboard. :)

amberargyle said...

A robot cleaning woman. One who never gets tired, or complains, or runs out of time--unlike me.

Julia said...

Ooo! I would like both of those things, too!

Angie Smibert said...

How about a robot cleaning woman on a hoverboard? It would help her clean the ceiling fans and such.

Jazz said...

I agree with Bittersweet. I want my hoverboard. I wouldn't want the grocery store conveyor belt, though. I want people to have jobs!