Spooky, Horror, and Halloweeny: I AM LEGEND

ACK! I'm so freaking excited about October! It's totally my favorite month of the year--not only does it contain my birthday, but the weather's finally decent, and there's Halloween, a holiday dedicated to candy.

...and horror, tricks, scary, and spooky.

So, all this week, we're celebrating the best of scary: scary stories, scary experiences, scary movies.

Today, I'm going to talk about I AM LEGEND. Now, let me say first that I liked the movie rather a lot. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who's not seen it yet, but a few points:

1. I cried at the dog scene. (I wept at the dog scene.)

2. The ending was beautiful.

3. Will Smith is a brilliant actor, even when acting with only himself and some mannequins.

4. This movie was wonderful, but the book was better.

And that's what's I'm really going to talk about today: the book. I AM LEGEND is by Richard Matheson, and is short enough to be dubbed a novella. It is vastly different from the movie.

The thing about I AM LEGEND the book (as opposed to the movie) is that it's scary in an entirely different way. The movie was brilliant in that edge-of-your-seat what-will-happen-next way--you worry incredibly about what will happen to Will Smith, what will happen to humanity, what will happen to the dog.

I AM LEGEND the book creates a whole different worry.

I don't want to ruin it for anyone--despite the movie's popularity, the book isn't as well read as it should be.

I'll just say this: the ending of this novel still haunts me, two years after I first read it.


It's not scary because you think a vampire is going to jump out and get you.

The scariest part is the end, when you find out what the title actually means, and you wonder if it's possible.


Susanne Winnacker said...

I loved the movie. Haven't read the book yet though. Maybe I should do it. :D

lotusgirl said...

Oh, yeah. That movie was good. Now I'm really curious about the book. *adds to TBR list*

Anonymous said...

You got to check out the original movie with Charleton Heston. So much better than the Will Smith version.

Michelle McLean said...

Oooo...I now MUST read the book :D I loved the movie (and I am NOT a scary movie person, like at ALL. Ghostbusters is too scary for me - can only watch it during the day). And yes, I bawled my eyes out during the dog scene...in fact, I've only seen that part once...I always fast forward through it now LOL

Vicki Rocho said...

I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but no I'm curious so onto the list they go....

and thanks for managing the post without any spoilers!

Annette Lyon said...

That's it. I HAVE to read the book now.

Rebecca Gomez said...

Okay, now I'm gonna have to run out and buy the book. The movie is one of my favorites.

Colene Murphy said...

I loved the movie so much, but the dog scene, I just can't watch. :(
Def. need to get the book!

Sarah Ahiers said...

i keep hoping one day they will make an accurate movie representation of the novella.
But yes, will smith FTW

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Will Smith in anything is awesome.

And now I'll have to read the darn book, just to figure out the title!!

Okie said...

Thanks for the reminder on the book. I enjoyed the film and after watching it, I intended to seek out the book.

I found the graphic novel at my local B&N and thumbed through it but didn't pick it up.

I'll have to conduct a more in-depth search and give it a read.