Asimov, Sankai & RDJ

In 1950, Isaac Asimov published a collection of short stories in a book titled, I, Robot.

In 1968, Yoshiyuki Sankai was in the 3rd grade. He read Asimov's book, again and again.

Fast forward to 1998, where the now "Dr." Sankai has invented the Robot Suit 'HAL' (Hybrid Assistive Limb®)

Here's a youtube of 'HAL' in action.

How cool is that?

Aside from the obvious aid for people with physical disabilities - it's awesome!

See what reading Science/Speculative Fiction can do for you? Yeah!

Of course, when 'HAL' shows up at my house - I'm expecting him to look like this!

(As a little aside - I have a Hal in XVI. He's a robot. But, his Hal stands for Hall Access Limiter.)

Go forth & read more SF! 

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