Going All Out

Okay, so this has been one of the best summers for me. I read a lot of books. I met a lot of authors. And there's something I've noticed in the science fiction I've been reading. It goes all out.  Like, the technology is hard-core, or the space travel, or whatever the element is.

And I love it. It's been a good reminder for me as an author to go all out. Sometimes I think we need those reminders, and that's why reading is such an important part of writing.

One example I'm thinking of is INSIGNIA by SJ Kincaid. I haven't finished it yet. In fact, I'm only about 75 pages in. But the main character, Tom, gets recruited to help fight in World War III (no spoilers here!). And the technology that Kincaid uses to do this is awesome.

It's all out.

Do you like your sci fi to go all out? Take you to technological places you hadn't thought of?


Lissa Price said...

I just bought this at Chicon, love the cover. It's even prettier in person. Such a tricky design problem to take these war elements and make them attractive but this really does it.

Heather Sunseri said...

Interesting question, especially for me today. I do like scifi that goes all out, however, the story I'm putting the finishing touches on right now is a romance/YA thriller with just a touch of scifi. The story is set in modern day, but the element of scifi is based on a scientific/medical discovery that may or may not have already happened. And if this scientific discovery has already happened, what would it mean?

Sorry, I know that was vague, but I guess I'm saying I like to think about the types of things that scientists/medical researchers are already doing that we just don't know about yet.

Stephsco said...

I think Kincaid is one of the authors at Anderson's Books YA conference coming up later this month. I'm definitely intrigued!

I've been a little disappointed with some of the YA that is classified as Sci-fi (so far) because it doesn't go all out. It's more like a YA romance set in space/alternate universe etc. I LIKE romance, not complaining, but when people say "this is sci-fi" I expect lots of tech speak or an elaborate world set up where everything is Other. So yes, bring it on! I can't wait for sci-fi to go there in YA.

Stephsco said...

@Heather: I just read your post. This is all my opinion, so take what you will! I think it's really important to search out the right genre, which can be tough if your story blurs genre lines. If there is romance I would definitely mention it and then one other genre that your story most identifies with. YA Romantic Suspense, YA Romantic Thriller, or maybe YA Light Sci-fi. I think what mucks up the waters is stringing too many genres: YA Romantic Fantasy with Sci-fi and Steampunk Elements. To me, and from what I've read on agent and query blogs, that's a red flag that your story doesn't know what it is. But if your story HAD all that in it and you chose the strongest of those elements, that will queue up the readers who are already looking for those things and they won't be disappointed by a sci-fi that isn't really a sci-fi.

My other suggestion is to look for comparative works and see how they are catlogued on Goodreads or Amazon.

Joy D. Fanning said...

I love books to go all out! Why not? In the new work I'm writing I'm going all out and man is it an experience!

Nichole Giles said...

I love all out too. No holds barred, especially in YA, because I think kids will call us on inauthenticity faster than anyone else. I need to read this one!