Edinburgh Book Festival

I know I'm a bit late with my account of my experiences at Edinburgh Book Festival which took place from August 11th until August 27th in (as you might have guessed...) Edinburgh. But I have a good explanation: editing two books (IMPOSTOR and THE LIFE BEYOND) and starting a new book while spending half of your time in hotels and not at home is a bit stressful...

I was in Edinburgh from August 18th - 25th with a friend. But I didn't spend all my time at the book festival since the city is just too pretty to miss.

If you haven't been to the festival before, let me tell you how awesome it is! It's a small town of tents on Charlotte Square in the "new town" of Edinburgh.  A small tent town full of readers, writers and other book peeps. You walk on wooden boards from tent to tent, since the lawn can get pretty soggy from all the rain...
Here's a pic that shows you what I'm talking about:

Here you can see me walking from the Author's Yurt toward one of the event tents. That day I had an event with Alexander Gordon Smith whose THE FURY is an amazing and scary YA dystopian!

In this picture you can see me and Gordon (Alexander Gordon Smith) at our event. Maybe you can see the bloody limbs lying on stage? Isn't that awesome? And absolutely fitting, since both Gordon's and my book have zombie-like creatures. This was a school event, by the way.

Here you can see me and Alexander Gordon Smith signing our books after our event. 

Here you can see Teri Terry, Anne Cassidy and me after our event, signing our books. 

I didn't only attend my own events though. I saw Dave Cousins (Fifteen Days Without a Head) and Sara Grant (Dark Parties), Mark Haddon (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time), Kim Newman (Anno Dracula), and Sophie McKenzie (The Medusa Project, Sister Missing). There are just so many fantastic events to choose from (adult, non-fiction, picture book, young adult...)! And the atmosphere is wonderful, especially in the author's yurt where all the authors gather before and after their events. The yurt isn't open to the public but there are enough other tents to spend your time in if you aren't an author. There are two book shop tents - one only for children's book, several event tents and even two café tents where you can eat sandwiches, cookies, cake, and drink coffee and, of course, tea. You can also sit on chairs in the middle of the square between the tents, enjoying the few hours of sunshine. It was wonderful!

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