Summer Reading Club: New Releases

Okay, so this week on the League Summer Reading Club, we're talking about new releases. For our purposes here, a "new release" is a book that's come out in the past 5 years. So let's here what the Leaguers have read and loved recently!

Hopefully you'll add some of these to your TBR pile too!

Lydia Kang loved Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.
"This book, with its dragons and singular main character, has such a rich world and beautiful, savory prose. It will be one of my favorites for life."

Bethany Hagen says to read The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater.
"The combination of mythology, dead Welsh kings and ghosts is already perfect, but after you sprinkle in boarding school boys with artfully rumpled uniforms, it becomes unforgettably delightful."

Beth Revis is obsessed with Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.
"I listened to this book on audiobook, and ended up crying in my car on the way home one day. Cleverly put together, beautifully written, with an edge-of-your seat plot and a take-your-breath-away romance."

E.C. Myers recommends The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas.
"Cross-dressing magical girl at a boarding school for boys. 'Nuff said."

Mindy McGinnis thinks Divided by Elsie Chapman was the best.
"Everyone has an Alternative version of themselves, that they must assassinate in a given period of time to ensure that only the strong survive. Adrenaline-pumper!"

Lissa Price loved Incarceron by Catherine Fisher.
"Love how in her world of computers they recreate the past, and the mythology around it."

Peggy Eddleman adored Legend by Marie Lu.
"The world felt so real and rich, the conflicts were non-stop, and I loved that the characters were so capable and kept you rooting for them every second."

Lenore Applehans recommends The Color of Rain by Cori McCarthy.
"It is a bold, ambitious novel about interstellar sex trafficking with rich characters, tight action scenes and grounded writing that never sensationalizes the subject."

Have you read any of these? What would you recommend from a pool of books published in the past 5 years?


Anonymous said...

You guys are so awesome for doing this! It's uber-hard to choose between all the fantastic 'new' books out there, so this really helps. I've already jumped over to Amazon and bought three of them. Checkbook be damned!

I read every one of your posts. And though I rarely comment, today I wanted to say THANK YOU!
And that all of you are such inspirations to me. I've just turned in the (pleasedeargodletitbethe) FINAL revision of my first novel to my agent, and we're preparing to go out on sub. And terrified.. But, when I see how great all of you have done, it is such a huge inspiration.
So..thanks again and have a super day! :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Janet-- That's so exciting about your novel! Terrifying? Yes. But exhilirating, too. :) I wish you all the best while on sub.

Thanks so much for reading!

Unknown said...

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