Changes! A new format and more at the League!

You're going to notice a few more changes here at the League for 2014.

Blogging Schedule
If you take a look at this year's schedule, you'll see that we've divided the year up. Each month, a few of the Leaguers will take over the bulk of posting, with a focus on quality over quantity. Rather than a strict daily schedule, the League's posts will be scattered throughout the month, focusing on new spec fic books and all the other things you guys love.

Guest Posts
We're also doing away with the affiliate guest post position. It was a great idea in 2013, but ultimately proved to be more work than we could handle. Instead, if you're an author or other professional in the field of speculative fiction, you're welcome to contact the League members in the month you'd like to post to do guests posts.

All of this is also tied to our newsletter. We're sending our info straight to your inbox! We have a whole new format designed for the newsletter, and we're focusing on providing quality content for you. The new newsletter will feature articles, information, and more. To see the last newsletter of 2013 (before the redesign) just click here, and you can subscribe to our new newsletter (first issue going out at the end of January) here!

As always, we want to thank you, our readers, for joining us on this journey. We hope you like the new format, and we welcome any of your comments and suggestions!