The Top Ten Reasons to Rush Out and Buy THESE BROKEN STARS Today!

It's no secret that I freaking love THESE BROKEN STARS by the brilliant Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. I still remember the first time I read it. There's a certain point, about three-quarters of the way into the book, where I just could not put it down. That is so rare for me, but such a wonderful experience when it happens.

So, today, I'm going to tell you...

The top ten reasons why you should grab your own copy of THESE BROKEN STARS!

10. There's a spaceship. This is key for two reasons: first, this is spaceship sci fi, one of my favorite genres. But second, this ship. Guys. This ship. The book starts off like Titanic of the stars--it's an opulent epic ship with all the luxe and beauty of Titanic.

9. Also, it crashes. This isn't really a spoiler--I mean, it's in the GoodReads description--but take a moment to consider this epic. Remember how in the movie Titanic, the ship crashed and suddenly who cares if Rose is being painted like a French girl because DUDE. THE SHIP CRASHED. NOW IMAGINE THAT HAPPENING IN SPACE.

8. It's the best of both worlds. I love me some perspective in a novel, and this novel has it in spades. You have a Titanic-esque world of riches, then you have a Lost-esque world of survival in a strange place. The planet the survivors of the crash land on is the complete opposite of the ship, and it's fascinating to see how the different characters deal with the switch.

7. Also, it's creepy. If the thing you loved about LOST was the mystery and the strange and holy-shit-there's-a-polar-bear-chasing-us, then you'll love the planet Tarver and Lilac end up on. Not that there's polar bears. There's not polar bears. Look, forget the polar bears. Just know that the planet is weird and creepy and tries to kill them a lot and it's epic.

6. No, I mean really creepy. I won't spoil the novel. But. Look, everyone has secrets. Even planets.

5. Lilac is no wilting violet. Bwahaha, I've been saving that pun forever. But it's true! Our heroine, Lilac, may be from a world of riches and may be wearing a gorgeous dress for much of the novel (perfect for a space ship! not so much for a planet...)--but she's not a cliche. She's got a brain in her head, she's got courage, and she uses both throughout the book.

4. Tarver is a perfect match for Lilac. Pet peeve time: I hate when, in a book, only one half of a couple is smart/strong/brave/whatever. This isn't true in THESE BROKEN STARS. Tarver is just as smart and brave as Lilac--it's just that they're smart and brave in different ways from each other, making them the perfect match.

3. Did I mention the sass? Because they have it. And it's is awesome.

2. And the chemistry? Because it sizzles on the page. These two people made me want to smoosh the pages of the book together and pretend that was them kissing.

And finally, the number one reason you should read THESE BROKEN STARS IS...

1. It's the best of both worlds, round two. Science fiction is sometimes either philosophical or entertaining. You get a deep societal commentary, or a fun romp through space. But the very best sci fi does both. It makes you think, but it also fills you with joy and excitement. That's what THESE BROKEN STARS IS.

THESE BROKEN STARS comes out TODAY! You can grab a signed copy from Malaprops, or from your favorite bookstore. If you want to see me play with the dress that was on the cover of the book (yes, the ACTUAL DRESS), click here.

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Heather Sunseri said...

You hooked me! I've seen several people mention this book today, and I'm already excited to read it. And oh. how. I. love. scifi. romance!!! Great top 10 list!