Interview with Trisha Leigh, Author of THE HISTORIANS

Today we have a special treat: a guest interview between Leigh Ann Kopans, author of ONE, and Trisha Leigh, author of THE HISTORIANS!

Leigh: Hi, Trisha. Congratulations on THE HISTORIANS, the beginning of your second YA series! What a huge accomplishment. Can you tell us a bit about the first book?

Trisha: Of course, and thank you! It’s set in a Firefly-type future, where a system of seven planets have been terraformed to support the humans who abandoned an Earth no longer capable of sustaining life. Time travel has been invented, and one of the side effects is the ability to predict molecular compatibility between people – one true loves. While Kaia, the main character, is wrapped up in the decision of whether or not to use her status as a time traveling Historian to meet her true love, others are altering the past in ways that might have disastrous effects on the present.

Leigh: Writing sci-fi can be tough, and time travel is mind-bending craziness! What is the biggest joy and the biggest challenge you find, writing in this genre?

Trisha: The biggest joy, for me, is getting to pinpoint and highlight moments in history that I love. I’m a huge history nerd. The biggest challenge is that, even more so than in a regular book, every single decision causes an endless cascade of potential changes.

Leigh: In THE HISTORIANS, Kaia travels back to ancient Egypt. Why did you choose to write about that time period?

Trisha: My historical specialty is Ancient Rome, and the time period Kaia travels to is set during the Roman era, so I felt comfortable with it, for one. For another, I’ve always been fascinated by the people whose stories have never—and will never, unless time travel exists one day—be told. Caesarion is one of those people. We remember his name because he died, not because he lived, but know very little about him.

Leigh: Take a paragraph or two to tell us your absolute most favorite thing about the book – could be a character, scene, setting, plot point – anything!

Trisha: My favorite thing about the book is the relationship between Kaia and Caesarion. She’s very impulsive and dramatic, and also selfish on occasion. She’s a rule breaker and someone always looking to find a way to make things work out the way she wants.

Caesarion (as I imagine him) is calm and level-headed, accepting of the things in life that are fated and unchangeable, and helps Kaia really learn how to relax and enjoy the moments she has, as opposed to constantly worrying about the ones she might be missing.

Leigh: What’s your favorite part of the publishing process?

Trisha: Getting a cover? Seriously, that’s a pretty good one, but by actual favorite part is getting the book into the hands of my readers. It’s only half-finished until then.

Now, some quick-answer questions:

Apocalyptic or Post Apocalyptic?

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars

Dystopian or Utopian?

Marvel or DC?

What’s your superpower?
Being able to fall soundly asleep absolutely anywhere.

Outer Space or Earthbound?
Outer Space, of course!

Favorite writing munchies?
Hershey’s Kisses, Cheezits, Skittles

Favorite Sci-Fi Movie or TV show?
Ah! Too hard to pick, especially for movies. I’m going with FRINGE, with FIREFLY running neck-and-neck.

Thanks for chatting with us, Trisha! Can’t wait for your book. Congratulations and best of luck!

Trisha Leigh is the author of the YA series THE HISTORIANS and more. Find out more here. 

Leigh Ann Kopans is the author of the YA super-power series ONE. Find or more here.


Unknown said...

Apart from the super interesting author and the new book that I'd very much like to read, your interview style is fanatastic - I really like reading it.

Best luck to Trisha.

Nico @ Leaf ♦ Pub

Carol Riggs said...

The covers of both Trisha's and Leigh's new books are excitingly AWESOME!! So beautiful and evocative. And both sound really interesting. Thanks for the interviews!!

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