Impostor playlist!

Today I'm going to show you the playlist I listened to while writing and revising Impostor! I often choose songs to get me in a certain mood. The Rose by Leann Rimes, for example, which is at the end of the list. I listened to that song on repeat for days while I was working on a certain scene at the very end of Impostor. Most of the songs are on the playlist because a part of their lyrics perfectly reflected what was going on in Tessa or happening in the book. Sadly I'm not sure about copyrights so I chose not to post the parts of the lyrics I'm talking about. But maybe if you read Impostor and then listen to the songs, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!
Long story short, here is my Impostor playlist:

1. The Right Kind of Wrong by Leann Rimes

2. Nobody Knows by Pink

3. Born this Way by Lady Gaga

4. Hate that I love you by Rihanna

5. Fallin by Alicia Keys

6. I think it’s going to rain by Katie Melua

7. Tiger in the Night by Katie Melua

8. In my secret life by Katie Melua

9. Perfect Circle by Katie Melua

(A part of the lyrics talk about a mask being placed on a face. What could be more fitting?)

10. All in my head by Katie Melua

11. Hedonism by Skunk Anansie

12. Sorry seems to be the hardest by Mary J. Blige

13. Titanium by David Guetta feat Sia

14. What you don’t know by Monrose

15. Even heaven cries by Monrose

16. Bridge of Light by Pink

17. Family Portrait by Pink
(Tessa wants nothing more than a happy family, so the song is perfect.)

18. Just hold me by Maria Mena

19. The Rose by Leann Rimes

20. All good things come to an end by Nelly Furtado

I listened to all of the songs above so often, it was ridiculous and now whenever I hear one of them in the radio I immediately think of Tessa and Impostor. :)

Do you use playlists for your books?

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Unknown said...

Great track selections, Susanne! If this playlist is any indication, Impostor sounds like an intriguing read!

Anonymous said...

I can't listen to anything with lyrics when I write, somehow my brain can't process both at the same time. But - I love listening to Pandora on the Epic Soundtrack channel. Somehow the music makes the emotions come out so much smoother than silence.

Martina Boone said...

I'm like Jodi. Lyrics get in the way of the words, but I have playlists of instrumentals I like to listen to very softly in the background. And I have music I play before i sit down to get me in the mood. There are some fantastic songs on this playlist. Thanks for sharing!