Favorite Fantasy Reads!

I'm not a big fantasy reader but often when I finally pick up a fantasy novel I end up loving it.
Today I'd like to tell you about three of my favorites.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I know this book was mentioned by some of my fellow Leaguers in their posts, but I can't NOT mention it because it's one of my absolute favorite reads of 2012. It was absolutely unexpected and the twist made me gasp. A book that surprised me!
If you haven't done so yet, you should definitely read it!

Plain Kate by Erin Bow
It was a bit of an accident that I bought this book and though I found the summary interesting enough, I didn't immediately start reading. Maybe because I wasn't a big middle grade reader back then and I thought this was middle grade. I'm still not quite sure if this is YA or upper middle grade - not that it matters. Anyway. It took several months before I finally picked up Plain Kate and I'm so glad I did. This book tore at my heart, made me feel Kate's pain as if it were my own. As soon as I was done reading, I looked for other books from the author and there weren't any yet. But of course I kept stalking her website and goodreads, and this year finally her second book "Sorrow's Knot" comes out! I have no doubt that it'll be as fabulous as Bow's debut.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Last but not least a book from a fellow 2012 debut author. I love bad boys, and this book delivers a swoon-worthy bad boy with The Darkling. I don't think I've ever been so conflicted about someone before. This book was so not predictable and almost gave me a heart attack. I'm dying to read the sequel.

Btw, Penguin is currently giving away five copies of Impostor on goodreads!


Angie Smibert said...

Rae's book has been on my TBR pile forever. Both you and Beth have raved about it. So I'm bumping it up to the top of the pile.

MrsReaderPants said...

I happen to be reading Girl of Fire and Thorns now, but I am having a difficult time getting into it. It's interesting, but I could put it down easily. I've read reviews that say it starts slow, so I'm hanging in there!

LOVED Shadow and Bone!