My Go-To Places for Geeky Awesomeness

What are your go-to sites to find cool new things, inspiration, and awesome stuff to buy? I mean other than the League ;)

For me, if I'm scrambling for new ideas, one of the first places I go is io9. io9 has great articles that touch on all the best geeky things--where else can you go to find an archaeological article on a purse that's 4,500 years old and decorated with dog teeth? Or learn about tornadoes in the sun? io9 has it all, from science to pop culture, from the truly weird to the informative.

If I just want something funny and quick, I usually go to Dropping the Science on Memebase. Arguably Definitely the smartest series on Memebase, Dropping the Science usually has a mix of comedy and interesting facts. Often sarcastic or punny, most of the comedic postings will require a bit of knowledge to "get"--which makes it even better, in my opinion! This is totally a great site to explore, but be warned--if you don't watch, you'll suck away hours to time to this site!

The Mary Sue is the best of both worlds--it often has the interesting/weird/awesome news articles like io9 has, but will also have the hilarity that I find on Dropping the Science. With a refreshing feminist bent, The Mary Sue consistently delivers news that I actually care about (new Doctor Who t-shirts? Yes, please!), and news that the world cares about (they are adept at critically examining pop culture and geek works for race fails and gender fails. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that my favorite thing about The Mary Sue is the series of reviews by Amanda. Go on. Just click the link.

Two months ago, and I might have laughed if you'd suggested Pinterest as a source of nerdiness. I thought it was just for crafters! But boy, have I changed my tune. Pinterest is a fun, quick, easy way to get new ideas, find awesome art, and discover inspiration. I definitely suggest checking it out. To get your started, you can check out my board entitled "Geek Awesome" :) You can also see my boards on "Across the Universe" and another board I've made just for the next project I'm working (even though it's secret for now!).
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nindogs said...

Amen to I basically live on that site. It's so brilliantly amazing and nerdy and fabulous. Just everything I could possibly want.

I like the look of the Mary Sue!

Melody said...



Yes! Links, links to browse, videos to watch!

No! Time spent, time spent!


dolorah said...

I visit places, lose interest, find them later again. Sadly I'm not much of a shopper - for products or info.

It is cool to see where you visit Beth. Says a lot about a person :)


Angie Smibert said...

In addition to I09, I like Big Think (, Wired (, and TED Talks (, to name a few.