Spooky Reads for Halloween!

[insert obligatory post on spooky reads for halloween here]

C'mon, I know it's cliche, but I've got to do it!

This isn't your typical spooky ghost story--there are no ghosts, for one. But it's properly creepy, starting off with an eerie scene in an abandoned building that I visualized a little too well at 2am. In this story, Mara is a witness to a horrific accident...but it was not what she thought it was, and the consequences of that night aren't leaving her alone.

I sort of thing you should buy this one for Halloween based on the cover alone.

If that's not enough for you, how about this: ghosts, revenge, death. There. Go buy it for Halloween.

This is another one that's not a typical Halloween book--but there are ghosts--or at least the fear of them--and what I like is that this book also combines history, race, and relationships in with the ghost story.

What spooky reads are you checking out this Halloween?

Also--a little bit of a self plug, but I'm giving away 19 signed YA books here to prep for the next holiday--Thanksgiving!


Stina said...

I'm reading The Becoming of Mara Dyer. Great book so far. :D

Krispy said...

Read Anna Dressed in Blood earlier this month and loved it! It was a great blend of scary and funny.

I have Mara and I'm looking forward to reading it!