Where Good Ideas Come From

When I was preparing for a workshop I gave for local teens on story ideas, I came across this amazing video by Steven Johnson. He's the author seven books on science and technology--including WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM (2010)--as well as a founder of FEED magazine and a contributing editor at Wired.



Braiden said...

That was such an awesome video! I still have trouble however, letting the ideas and events that I need to make the story come together to happen freely, instead of trying to force my mind and idealogical thought to think of something that could be what I need.

I guess it takes time. I just hope before I turn 20 in under two years time that I am able to come up with that idea that would be my own success and self-accomplishment.

Jennifer McFadden said...

This is a wonderful video! I related to how the ideas form and take shape with my fiction, and I brain storm with my co-authors and we combine our ideas until everything comes together.