What's your Writing Resolution?

Happy New Year everyone! I know, I'm a little late to the party but New Year's Eve seemed to lead directly to a bad cold that lasted about ten days, big release festivities here on the blog and some final edits on Eleventh Plague. So basically I've just noticed that it is the New Year.

Now I've never really been one for resolutions in my personal life but it occurred to me that a writing related resolution wouldn't be a bad idea. 

I had a few ideas but more than anything I think I would like to work on being a bit more, um, levelheaded about things.

See I, like many of you I'm sure, have this bad tendency to fret and worry, often about the same things over and over. Bad first draft? It doesn't seem to matter that I know first drafts are always bad. I  still torture myself over it. Rewriting hit a snag? It's like I forget that at some point rewriting always hits a snag and you just have to just stay in the ring and keep punching and eventually it'll get better. Somehow I hit these problems and it's always like it's the first time. It would be quite funny if it wasn't so personally stressful.

So that's my resolution, basically, remember everything I've learned about the process and don't beat myself up so much.

How about you all? What's your New Year's writing resolution?

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Anonymous said...

I have two writing resolutions.

1) Write two books. I usually only do one.

2) Grow some balls and query like I mean it. I've queried three books before, but usually I get to 15-20 rejections and maybe one or two requests, and just...putter out and stop. There are plenty of agents out there in the publishing yonder, and assistants to editors, too.

So! My writerly scales that have grown over the years shall be hardened! And I shall swim straight into the shark pond and email those queries until either I have an agent or I am convinced that no one would ever, EVER want to represent my book.

If the latter happens, I may collapse into a pile of melodramatic tears for about nine years. And then open a cupcake shop. And eat all the cupcakes. And cry some more.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Jeff. I so hear you on the stop with the fret and worry, think I will join in that, well, already have! That is one of mine already. Stop with the worrying, just do.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


Melody said...

Query two books. This is crazy, considering I've never even queried one. But the first will be ready for querying by the end of February, and the second should be done by November. So, yes. Querying is my resolution.

Carrie Ryan said...

I've just finally gotten to the point where I feel a little more levelheaded about things. It kind of took me panicking several times and living through it to understand that sometimes the panicking is just part of the process. Which, thankfully, makes me panic less.

My goal last year was to focus on the writing and I like where that took me so it's my goal this year as well. And also, freak out less :)

Jeff Hirsch said...

So it seems the consensus so far is "Write More. Freakout Less." I think I'm going to put that on a post-it note on my laptop.

Wow, write two books a year? Query two books a year? Very impressive goals guys. Go for it!

Yeah, Carrie, understanding that panic is part of the process is probably a good idea. Hmm..."Panic is part of the process" would look good on a post it as well

Matthew MacNish said...

My writing resolution this year was to blog less, and spend more time working on the revision of my novel. I haven't managed to cut back on blogging much, but I HAVE already done a great job of working on my re-write every week day of the year so far.

Unknown said...

My writing resolution is to write a new novel, and finish one of my WIPs that are still unfinished.

Jeff Hirsch said...

Oh yeah, Matt, The ever present blogging/writing conflict. My problem is the opposite though, I want to be better about blogging regularly. Great that your rewrite is going well!

Go Cheree! Good luck!

Carol Riggs said...

Yeaaah, I tend to fret too, and I need to remind myself of the same things you do. Maybe the neurotic tendency is just part of being a writer. :) Or maybe I have a short memory, even after over a dozen novels written...yes, the first draft is bad, and YES, I can usually fix it!

Roberta Walker said...

I am DETERMINED to fix my broken book! And start querying!