Hello out there!

Aliens. Extra-terrestrials. ET! We're looking for you!

For years earthlings have been watching and waiting for aliens from outer space to either invade

or come bearing gifts

and, definitely have superior intelligence

But, some people, like physicist Stephen Hawking - think celestial visitors may not be quite so nice...


Live Science ( www.livescience.com ) had a fascinating article on space aliens.


So - If we're not alone in this vast sea of eternity... what do you think lies out there? Good / Evil / Anything?


Jeff Beesler said...

I'm hoping that aliens are friendly, but if they're watching us closely, they may not be. The matter of self-preservation might keep them from ever shaking hands with us, unless it's to rip ours off.

Unknown said...

I think there's others out there. They are probably just as good and evil as all of us here on earth. Some good, some bad, and most of us in between.

Laura S. said...

I think they're no different from us. Good? Evil? Anything? Yup.

Jessica E. Subject said...

I believe "life" exists in other galaxies, but it may not be as we have imagined it. On Earth, scientists recently found a life form that was not carbon-based, so who's to say life will be the same elsewhere?

I'd love to believe that aliens would be like the A/C's from Gini Koch's "Alien" series - Armani-wearing hunks - but, we'll see.

Julia said...

Armanie-wearing hunks gets my vote! :)

Sage Ravenwood said...

Native Americans believed the first settlers were alien, not like them. We all know what happened there. So if we think extra terrestrials are alien (not like us) we're doomed. (Hugs)Indigo