League Break!

Hi guys! The League's taking the week off for Thanksgiving holidays. Go eat some Turkey--and if you'd like, tell us here what you're thankful for. :)


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I'm thankful for writers like you who blog. I've met so many great people through their blogs that my world has become vastly more informed and entertained.
I am always grateful for my family and friends and this amazing Planet Earth, which gives us shelter in the universe.

IanBontems said...

Okay, this isn't easy as a brit (we don't get this Thanksgiving thing), but I'll give it a go.

I'm thankful for Roald Dahl, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien for their amazing imaginations and stories.

There, did I manage that okay?

Unknown said...

Trica: AW! *hugs*

Ian: Yes, to all those! I love them all, too!

As for me? I'm thankful for Sharpies. I've been using them quite a bit lately, particularly the hot pink fine tip I'm editing my manuscript with...