Scavenger Hunt for Prizes Made of WIN!

It's that time again! The time to give you awesome new books!

I can't tell you which books you're going to be getting, but I will give you some hints:
  • The prize is brand new copies of an entire series of books. Yup--you're getting the whole series.
  • The books are well known dystopian works.
  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guess the title of the first book in the series.
  • Everyone who correctly guesses the title gets entered into a drawing to win the whole series!
But we're not going to make you just blindly guess! Each day this week, a League member is going to post a link that will take you to a clue. You'll have to READ BETWEEN THE LINES to piece together what the clues add up to, and what the title of the book is.

Once you've figured out what the title is, go to this webpage and enter your guess. You can guess as many times are you want, but only correct guesses will be entered into the drawing. DO NOT POST GUESSES IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

You must enter a correct guess by Sunday, June 20th, at noon (EST) to be considered for the drawing.

And, as an added incentive...the Secret Book will be the Book of the Month selection for July--so, in addition to giving away the series, we're also going to feature this title all next month, and have roundtable discussions and chats!

Oh, you want a CLUE for the Scavenger Hunt?
When you figure out the title of the Secret Book, click here to enter the drawing for the whole series!

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